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  1. Again I thought since the head unit is same as the CHR, and RAV4 it shouldn't be an issue with other things and it should be just matter of changing the camera since they already have that, and I don't think every factory line has a different head unit, or it was my hope. I thought maybe like the Android auto(I know it was a software upgrade), they might just turned off some of its capabilities in Corolla. 😄
  2. As I mentioned I mostly was thinking about the dynamic guidelines than the quality, and I do use my mirrors and that's why I want the dynamic one, and as I mentioned before again, it's just a thought. Just playing around with my car, and experimenting new things!! 😄
  3. I was hoping that I can do it without extra effort since the socket is the same as the other cars' camera and again was hoping the other things are there and just don't work because the camera doesn't have the functionality!! 😄
  4. I just want to have a dynamic guid line. Just for fun of it!! 😄 Nowadays I'm not using car much at all, but I just want to have that if it is possible. Less reason to change my car!! 😄
  5. As I said I don't have any issue with the screen quality, but I have issue with the camera quality!! 😄
  6. That's totally true, but I think the display is the same in CHR, and Corolla , and RAV4, so I think it should be fine. Just like you it's just a thought. I like to investigate!! 😄
  7. Hello, Did anyone chage or upgrade the camera in Corrolla Hybrid? I was thinking to upgrade the reverse camera by a camera in Lexus or another Toyota brand with dynamic guide and better resolution. I wanted to know if it is possible, and they are compatible!?
  8. I updated my head unit with the files here, it took around an hour and it worked, but I have to say I'm not sure it really worth that much of debate about such a travial thing. Basically the only thing that I think it is useful is the Google map which I have to connect my phone with usb cable and I don't like it. So all and all I don't think you would lose anything if you don't have the Anroid auto, I don't know about Apple Carplay though. If you have a Panasonic head unit, and the unit is matches the file in the update I would say go ahead, there shouldn't be an issue, otherwise just wait, unless you are exploring a new palces everyday or you need to use the navigation for your every trip then you really need a good navigation, otherwise I think you can have access every things via Bluetooth on your phone wihch is way more convenient than using the usb cable. That's my thoughts by the way. 😁
  9. Hello, I didn't say I need it for dashcam but something else. The thing is my car doesn't have the JBL system, so I have decided to change it to 3-way speaker so in order to that I change the A pillar interior trim to the JBL one, but I gave the car to dealer to change it, so I don't have any idea how they changed it. Now I want to change the position of the tweeters and I need to remove it or somehow open the tweeter part of it which I don't know that as well.
  10. Hello, Has anyone removed the interior trim of the A pillar of the Corolla Hybrid? I have checked couple of videos on YouTube, and my concern is about how to remove it wihtout deploying the airbag!! I think I have heard something about the disconnecting the battery or something!! Any thoughts??
  11. Hello, Does anyone know about the color wiring in the head unit of the Corolla Hybrid? I'm interested in speakers to be specific, and the ground, and the power wire to connect to a subwoofer. Thanks
  12. I agree with your observation. Did you do anyting about it, or do you have anything in minde?
  13. I think I have found the issue. It seems one of the wires was a little bit loose, and after I re-attached again it started to work. I hope that was the issue!! 😁 Thanks for all the advice! 😉
  14. Tried that as well, but that wasn't the issue.
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