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  1. I'm not saying you are wrong, and I'm not an expert, but that's my question in first place. I saw it so there should be something. At the same time it seems the things that companies put in their cars are not the best, and just simply is enough, and if you want a better result you need to upgrade them yourself. Besides as you said How do you know that now the intake air couldn't be increase? Just curious!!
  2. Some say there is some say no, but this site for example say it is for the hybrid:
  3. Hello, I saw Trd Performance Air Intake System in US market for Toyota Corrola Hybrid, and I was wondering if it is possible to find it in Eruope, and if it is really have any effect on fuel consumption, and such? And if it can be fit in Corollas which are built in Europe? Don't know if there are any differences between the ones in US and Europe under the hood. Thanks Amir
  4. I already took it to the Toyota maintenance but they said there isn't anything out of ordinary!!
  5. I have the car for 3 or 4 months now. I had it from the start. The engine vibration shows itself specially when the speed is low, or I should say very slow, and specially when it comes to stop, or start to move. Those are the time that can be felt the most.
  6. I'll do that, but I have another issue and it's when the car is not moving, or in low speed. In those situations I can feel the engine on the break pedal(vibration), and generally engine is loud, or at least sound loud. Any idea?
  7. Hello, I don't know if it is just me, or the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is noisy in th cabin. If you have the same issue just wondering if anyone has done anything about it or have any suggestions? I already use damping material on the doors, and the floor of the car, though not sure if it was applied properly, and how much of it covered. Amir
  8. I have an issue with bluetooth, but not disconnecting completely. It just got on and off repeatedly. My issue was and still is, I can't connect the Wifi, and bluetooth at the same time. So I turn my Wifi off, and my problem mostly solved. Hope works for you.
  9. I totally agree with you. Rarely happens that I over speed, and I always try to pay attention to the road signs, and I always complain about people who over speed, or not paying attention to the signs, but as I mentioned, it happend here and there that I missed the signs not because I wasn't paying attention, but I had to check lots of other things at the same time, which sometimes makes me miss a sign. My issue generally is as a foreigner I don't want to drive in a wrong way, and try to respect the laws to the best of ability, so for that I really like to have the technology on my side, and not to confuse me. The way that I see people are not very patient while driving, so I don't want to be a cause of an accident or such. Since I had an Avensis before, I could really rely the sign recoginition of that, and I was hoping Corolla would be even better which kind of disappointing.
  10. I agree that everyone should be aware of their surroundings, and not just rely on the technology as the manual, and car every time we turn it on say, but the techonology is there to help and not to confuse us, and not to this degree. I have to say the reason I bought this car because of its technologies, otherwise there are other cars probably better in some parts than this which I could consider if I didn't want the technology, and not to mention cheaper. There is an another reason that I want this problem to be solved and that is if by any chance, which I guess we all agree it can happen even to best of us, I missed a sign I want to know what sign I have missed, or I got into a street or road that doesn't have a speed limit how can I trust the RSA to give me a correct speed limit. I don't know maybe you don't mind if you go faster or slower than the speed limit, but I do like to respect the law, and I like the technology heps me with that, and again that was the reason that I bought this car.
  11. I think there is couple of posts earlier I mentioned about stacking up, and someone said it has to be on a certain screen. This is the qoute from the maual: I haven't seen it yet as well, but I assume it should happen on the out of the city roads.
  12. I don't know about you, but I have seen it more than once that as soon as the camera reads a sign and displays it, it chages to something else. Almost happens every day. So I don't want to say strongly believe that, but at least I think it is over ride by something if it is not by map!! And as I mentioned earlier I believe the camera reads the signs correctly but some other system is involved as well which mess things up.
  13. The way that I understood the system it depends on where you are, and what the speed is on the map. If they are the same the correct one will be shown, otherwise I guess depends on the what they set in the car config(maybe after I don't know couple meters or mile or whatever) it changes the signs from the road to the map speed.
  14. I didn't want to offend anyone, I thought the map and the roads are very good mapped so they show the correct one. I've noticed that my car reads the signs, but I can see they will change very soon, or in the wrong places. I have an experience of changing 3 sings in less than 2 seconds. I can see it reads the correct one, but immediately changes to something else. That's why I mentioned before the piority is with the map, and not because it can't read the sign.