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  1. Yeah, I bought it from dealer and was serviced before I paid the full amount. Nice one, cheers 😀
  2. Hi guys, first of all, I wish I could repay your favours by answering some questions on here but I don't know much about cars lol. Anyway, does anyone know how many thousands of miles between oil changes on a petrol V-Matic 1.6 Auris 2012 ? My car has done 4,000 miles since I bought it at Christmas, dealer told me every 9-10 thousand miles but I presume that's only if it had quality oil put in. So far my cars done 45k. Cheers 😀
  3. Hope not lol, it's been almost the same reading since I bought it 4 months ago , so I presume if it had been overfilled I would have either broke down or a warning light come on. Mind you, when I say half way up the dipstick, not all areas are covered in oil, if that makes sense. Cheers
  4. Hi guys, it's me again, I should have posted this when I first got the car 4 months ago lol. What it is , for some strange reason every time I wipe the dipstick and check the oil I seem to get oil half way up the dipstick, it seems like the dipstick is slightly too big for the hole. Any suggestions on what to do? I've Googled this problem, and it happens on a couple of car models but can't get a gud solution. I've tried checking it twice after 15 minutes then waiting half hour more to see if more oil drains more but not much difference Cheers
  5. Soz guys I replied late, been so busy off line lol, cheers for replying
  6. Soz, I know I'm abit thick, but I can't see through reservoir, my old diesel golf was the same, couldn't see through but when top was taking off, it was full. When I take the top off the Auris it's confusing me because I can just see fluid at the bottom but when you look in it's like a toilet roll shaped funnel, you can't see all around inside the reservoir, I've tried shining 3 different torches, still can't see min and Max properly.
  7. Hi, I don't know much about cars but was your mot done at a main dealer?, if not, I'd be alittle concerned on weather the advisory was genuine, or maybe I'm just being paranoid. Iv had cars with an advisory that wasn't mentioned the next year it was moted and I didn't even sort the advisory out. If you have actually noticed the fault yourself then fair play lol 😀. Mind you, even if the advisory was not genuine he can't guarantee you will get the work done at his garage so he makes money, so Yeah I'm probably being paranoid lol, soz 😀.
  8. Hi guys, I've just bought a touch up pen pack from Halfords, the thing is, as you know your supposed to put a primer coat on before the paint, but the rust chip holes seem far too shallow for a primer, any helpful comments would be appreciated cheers
  9. Cheers lol, if it was my fault then I don't mind, as long as there's nothing wrong with the car. I just hope I've not broken anything as I had to pull the pump out alittle hard when it was stuck.
  10. Hi guys, what! the hell happened lol ?, Gas station pump kept cutting out every 30 odd pence and then it got stuck in my car for No reason, I didn't even put any pressure on it, the whole incident just seemed mental ! lol. Was it my Auris causing these problems or was it the petrol station? I've been driving for twenty years and never experienced this, apart from a pump making one or two clicks which happens to us all 😀
  11. Obviously not, I say lol because people talking face to face wud give a slight nervous laugh, rather than a serious face
  12. Cheers for your reply. Is fixing as easy as rubbing the rust off with a sanding pen, applying the primer, then paint?, otherwise I might have to pay to get it sorted because I don't have the time at mo as me old man's got cancer lol. Its almost as if someone has chip me car on purpose lol, which could be possible lol I've found two more tiny ones, I could understand two or three chips but there's about seven, something seems dodgy somewhere lol
  13. please can you help? I bought a Toyota Auris from a car dealer 2 months ago, everything is going well, but iv suddenly got several small chips on the paintwork that have turned to rust, I'm concerned, is this normal for an eight year old car to rust? car has low mileage only 42k lol Should I go back to the dealer?, the dealers been around for over ten years, so he must be doing something right lol 😀 Thanks