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  1. Regarding garages, I inadvertantly put petrol into my merc diesel and had to have it drained. Had the drain done back at the garage in question and whilst standing around glanced across to the pump in question to see that the petrol pump was actually fitted with a black plastic handle rather than the green it should have been waring. It was my fault, but that mix up in colours removed a final visual check. I wouldn't put it past the garage to have a deal going with the guy who did the fuel drain; he did say he was called out to the garage in question quite freqently! I could have had a go at the garage, but I was just happy to survive the incident without engine damage as a drove around the block before realising. Initially thinkig the problem was cheap contaminated fuel.
  2. Exactly my question too. I understand that diesel engine pistons are lubricated by the fuel itself, so putting in petrol would wash the bores clean and rapidly lead to frictional damage like bore scoring etc. A very short run and you might be okay, but any significant distance and you would expect damage.
  3. Finally the internet turned up this specialist outfit. Does anybody have any knowledge or first hand expereince of their work?
  4. Thanks for this information Phil
  5. So am I correct to be looking down the front right hand side of the engine as mounted in the car? Top tip with the plasticine. My thanks again.
  6. Greg and SB, thank you for commenting. 1) I'll try looking further down with a mirror if necessary - if only it would stop raining.....! 2) I do have a a friend who runs a garage that could undertake the work to a standard I'd trust, they have done some before; but since they normally work on high end German machinery their labour is pricey, hence good to have other options like Southern Engines to consider.
  7. Taken a look at the front of my engine and I can't see any gasket (with notches) protruding. I have attached a photo; am I being daft and looking in the wrong place? Can you guide me please. Thanks
  8. Again, so very helpful. I can't understand why this kind of information is impossible to find via internet searches, given the significance of the issue.
  9. Thank you GJ for your very helpful and informative post. So stuck with a car I wouldn't pass on to anybody it looks like I will have to repair and then move on after after a year or two. My car is on 100k and I have no paperwork to say what work has been done; but 6 owners so not chesrished, nevertheless the Toyota quality shines through and it is in good nick. I have just had it serviced so I can now monitor the oil consumption. My garage did a pressure test then a block test and the colour change was fast, indicating a significant leak. The information about gasket thickness and testeing thereoff is very helpful and I'd not found this anywhere else. There is no sign of the leak in tailpipe emmisions nor do I have any oil/water mayonaise contamination. I am now on the hunt for a reputable outfit that can do this work; any recommendations appreciated.
  10. Hi Mikey, Looks like the only fix is major engine work/swap with recon. Suggestion is that just a gasket change, itself quite a large job, will not result in a permamnent fix due to the inherent design flaws; although I would really like to know how long it might last? I am £3.3k into this car. My logic now is that if I can drive it for 3 years with the issue, then at £1k per year it won't owe me anything. The car drives really well and I have just had it serviced. Aparently the EGR has been blanked off at some time in the past. I am sure that I have the issue, although I am also loosing coolant when the car is standing and the system depressurised, so I must also have some external leak as well. I am going to try adding one of these gasket fixing additives for around £30 on the basis I have nothing to loose; I'd give it 50:50 they can deliver a fix, but in any case many offer a money back guarentee. Would really like to hear the expereinces of other members who have grappled with this (out of warranty).
  11. Thank you for the quick response. I had read that summary but not flicked through the comments, the last of which was in 2015. Most of the thread seems to seal with warranty claims, which is not a consideration in my case. I would be interested in the experience of any Forum members who might have had repairs done more recently. The only symptom on my car is coolant, so far as I am aware. Really interested to know who can do this work, approximate cost and satisfactory outcome? Thank you
  12. I am a new owner of a 2007 T180 located in Surrey. Happy with the car but not the fact that it has been diagnosed ("block tested") as having a failing head gasket. Reading up on the topic I can immediately see that it is a well known problem. I have been searching through the Forum but can't seem to find the information I am looking for. Some questions that I am hoping experienced owners can short cut me to the answer. 1) The gasket failure seemed to be a manufacturing isssue that was corrected by Toyota. If I do the work and have it replaced, will the new gasket set "fix" the underlying issue. 2) Are there any good specialist garages (not main dealers) for the RAV4 in general in SE England? Are there any that people would recommend for this major head gasket fix? I also have water in the passenger footwell, which thanks to the forum, I think is likely another well known fault/issue with the cowl panel seal. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.