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  1. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    No screws. You pop the cap off. It reveals the clip, but the tongue bit is still holding the cap. Once you get the cap out, the clip has two claws top and bottom that secures it to the liner. You need to pry the claws at the same time to ease the clip out. Same on both sides.
  2. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    Here is how the handle asembly looks like. 3 pieces per mounting point: handle bracket, metal clip and cover/plug. The tricky bit during disassembly is the longer tongue of the cover. I just pulled it out bending it backwards.
  3. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    I have normal glasses and have sunglasses with prescription lenses that I normally keep in the car. So I can't really have 2 on my ear. I also never liked putting glasses on my hair as it gets smears instantly.
  4. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    How many times do you use the handle? More or less?
  5. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    Don't think it would, as it has the same "footprint" as the handle
  6. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    I bought this particular one, but there multiple postings of the same 393220363945 Taking the handle off was more challenging. I can take pics tomorrow to show what to look for. Easy install, despite no instructions included, except for photos in the posting. Yes, it is firm, fits into the square cut outs just fine. Before I took the handle off i did look at different designs (screw in type), but the square holes (maybe one type of standard or Toyota specific) stopped me from buying those.
  7. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    Next thing is to either figure out how to install a 12V socket in the boot for the cooler box, or find someone who will do it without me having to re-mortgage the house. I looked for info a year ago but no luck then.
  8. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    🤪😲 I haven't thought of such an explosive result, but yes... could happen. Best left to the professionals ("which one was it again? Do I need to cut the red or the blue wire?")
  9. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    I agree, but I did not want to go down that route. I looked at many pics on ebay and the back of the 2 panels looked too different with wiring and electronics, which put me off. There is not much space on the alternative panel for the alarm switch. I am sure if someone puts their mind to it, it can be done though. I just don't think I have the skill or tools to make it look decent.
  10. Brn

    Sunglasses in T27

    Hehe 😄 And where do you put that? I had it in a case, which was in the glove box, but I hit the passenger in the knee or the dog in the head when retrieving it. So I got this one off ebay. Perfect fit into the existing grab handle holes.
  11. Hey Avensis Friends, A niche topic, but I am hoping to get some info. I am struggling to find a secure and easily accessible place for my sunglasses in my 2010 Avensis Wagon T4. I knew from the Owners Manual that there is a trim option that has storage in the reading light cluster in the roof lining. These are available on ebay, however, those don’t have the alarm interior senor deactivation switch. Mine looks like this https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/4BkAAOSwjFpepvNQ/s-l300.jpg The alternative https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/Lk0AAOSwHTlgfmaS/s-l1600.jpg Where
  12. Hi Fellow Toyota people, I stumbled upon this thread by accident and was compelled to read on. I had looked at the control box mentioned here, because of this video I never actually got to making a decision on it. Would the T27 be negative switched as well? Is this to do with where the car was made? (Japan, Europe etc.) @SAM LOVERS HER TOYOTAS Have you completed the DLR install?
  13. There are a couple of old PCs at work. He might not be willing to add the shady decryption software to the corporate system though... I'll try anyway, he is a cool guy mostly.
  14. Thanks Devon Aygo. It makes sense. If I were Toyota, I'd probably make it similarly complicated to make more money. On the other hand, in old threads, ppl. who bought these cars new and went to the dealers after 1 year to find the technicians there with raised eyebrows when a HDD was mentioned. To me that says that the updates were an after thought... @MagicBoy you are right, it is dodgy. The scary/less clear bit to me looks like the fiddling in the BIOS. I might ask my workplace IT guy if he is able balck magic this once we are allowed back to some normality in the office. I'll
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