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  1. Jimjamtastic


    Hi. Had a mechanic look at my car (engine management light and check engine brake on dashboard). P1271 fault reading on diagnostic checks . Been told its likely (not 100%) the injection driver (part no 89871-20080). Also been told its not a part that has to be coded to my car, so thinking of buying from a salvage yard to keep costs down. The car drives fine but would like rid of engine management light. Just wondered if anybody had experienced similar fault code and what fix was undertaken before I start to buy parts(hopefully not the wrong ones).
  2. Hi. I have a toyota avensis 2009 dcat engine. It has a engine manegement light with check parking brake on dashboard. Had a diagnostic test with a p1271 fault code and been told it is likely to be the injection driver (part no 89871-20080). Been quoted daft money at toyota. My query is, can the injection driver be bought brand new or used and fitted straight to my car or does it have to be recoded to my car. any advise would be greatly received .