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  1. Remembered I had a bag of assorted LED bulbs in the garage and just had enough of the right types to swap out my interior bulbs. Nice white light now instead of the yellow.
  2. I picked up one of these from Homebargains a couple of weeks back. Great for the money. Just clips onto air vent so should be fine for any car I'd have thought. Takes up very little space when not in use too.
  3. Love those wing mirrors! What a fantastic looking car.
  4. This is great, Tavey. Noticed my drivers side cluster has been replaced at some point but the panels don't quite sit right below the housing. I'll take the bumper off and see if it's snagging somewhere.
  5. Hi folks I had to buy a car sharpish last month as my old Mk1 Leon TDi had developed too many problems and I had neither the time or the money to keep pouring into her 😞 Found a really low milage (22k!) Auris Mk1 1.6vvti that was in really good condition so I snapped her up. Hopefully will give me plenty of years of stress free motoring. It's the second Toyota in our family, we also have a trusty Mk2 RAV4 D-4D that's done us proud. I'll be looking to make some handling modifications and styling to my Auris as I've found it sits quite high and gets buffeted by strong winds easily on open roads, something a set of sport springs (and maybe dampers) would easily sort out. Factory head-unit is already out with my old iPhone friendly single DIN stereo in place for now, Android GPS stereo will be going in at some point though.