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  1. Stick with paper filters and change regularly. k&n and similar will eventually muck up your maf with their oil particles. Best cheap improvement I made was removing the 1m+ looped hose from the front of the air box and replaced with small 30° aluminium pipe. Better flow and nicer (to me) sound.
  2. Even with a stage 1 I’d recommend a health check on your clutch / flywheel as the extra torque could see the end of it. Who is offering the upgrade? Alarm bells are ringing to be honest with you saying remap as the ECU isn’t reprogrammable as such it would be a case of a piggyback chip… I’d be asking a lot more questions before doing anything.
  3. LED bulb swaps for your internals, side lights and repeaters cost under £10. Remove ‘u-bend’ plastic hose on intake side of air filter housing for more flow and throatier sound £Free or like I did source a small piece of aluminium pipe with a 30° bend for a more finished look £7. Sports air filters are snake oil on these cars so decent paper filters are just fine. Sort out the wobbly ride with a set of sports springs £150-200 plus fitting. Make sure you have decent tyres, and keep them inflated properly. Keep on top of servicing. Always using quality filters/ oil (learn to do yourself if possible and save loads/ know what’s going in). And treat it to premium fuel fairly regularly. Decent first car, enjoy!
  4. Oh and watch your engine bay plastics / hoses where you’re working if you do use Mr Muscle.
  5. I successfully cured my TDi Leon with the Mr Muscle trick. At the same time I freed up the actuator with WD40 as that was really sticky too. Took a bit of elbow grease but a very cheap fix. Sorry not much help Auris wise. Hope you get it sorted mate.
  6. I've had great service from Auto Aid. Used them for 3 years now. £59 a year i think I pay.
  7. Clips are in (took some pushing!) and windows function perfectly. There's enough clip still visible to make me think removal would be straightforward (although I doubt why now) with a pair of needle nosed pliers. Very happy with them.
  8. Yeah, I'll admit I'm reluctant to use them (like I say they seem so tight fitting already) but I will do as I'd hate for them to come loose on the motorway or something.
  9. These only have two small adhesive strips on each piece which looked very paltry! But, once pushed in they feel very secure in the channel. They come with two metal clips for each side too (I haven't put them in yet, will do at lunchtime) but even as they are I can't see them coming out accidentally.
  10. It bugged me how everywhere sold the TWO piece three door Heko sets sets for MORE than the 5 door sets that had FOUR pieces! 😄 I guess there are less 3 door Auris or something.
  11. Got round to fitting them last night. Very straightforward, only hitch was on the drivers side when I tried the electric window it bounced back down, a quick wiggle and the deflector was seated properly and window works fine. Much better driving with the windows down now and water not dripping onto tweeters!
  12. Ive got isopropyl alcohol at hand but do the Heko kits come with wipes anyway?
  13. I ordered Heko ones too.
  14. Sorry to bump an old topic but I've just thrown some money down on a pair of these (£35 on eBay) As well as the horrible wind noise I get in my 3dr I'd noticed that when i spray my windscreen the water flows in and drips onto my tweeters at the top of the door panel! I'll pop some before and after pics on when they turn up as I see previous pics in this thread are no longer showing up.
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