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  1. MrZardoz

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    Hi Danny, 3 door looks much better, I like mine anyway 😄 I had* to lower mine as the drive from my previous car was just too wobbly, nothing OTT just Eibach Sportline springs on existing struts, sorted the ride out instantly. EDIT: Just thought with yours being a TRD it probably already comes with sports springs. Welcome and good luck with your car mate. *really wanted to 😛
  2. Never knew Toyota used other manufacturers diesel engines! I'd also add that unless you're regularly doing long daily drives I'd steer away from diesels. As mentioned above they need to be ran to clear themselves otherwise you get problems from deposits building.
  3. Not had a recall on my Auris but I've had recall on my wife's RAV4. They just did what was necessary, I think they might have sent a marketing email about future servicing but that was it. I'd get it booked in.
  4. With chatstar saying in op that the oil was changed by Toyota I'd be very surprised if they serviced it that way!
  5. Cheers Phil, that'll narrow down my search. Although I'm pretty sure it'll be quicker for me to DIY a set of standard ones than track these down.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to look, Flash.
  7. Yeah, very true. Just annoying seeing that they’re out there but drawing blanks, searched for Corolla and Blade too to widen the search.
  8. Thanks for the links, Tigit. No joy there either sadly.
  9. First place I looked 🙂 No joy though.
  10. Almost made a big mistake in thinking the pre and post facelift headlight assemblies are the same shape! I was looking at buying these for my 2008 Auris: But noticed in the listing the year starting 2010. Had no luck sourcing headlights in this style (black plastic inner rather than all chrome) for my original shape. Wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction before I order a 2nd set from a breakers to split open and spray myself.
  11. Really like the black Oz(?) wheels, Jason! Black headlights look great too, where were they from?
  12. Fingers crossed that's the end of it now 👍
  13. Sealing the area mentioned above finally fixed it for me on the left hand side.
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