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  1. Hi Guys, Im thinking of buying a 2019 GR sport hybrid, i have 1 question... does the standard car have satnav or not? I have read reviews, some say it does, some say not!!! Thanks in advance :)
  2. So i guess its more a pot luck sort of thing with the Halogen bulbs then, and LEDs are not an option? I will have a look around at the Halogens and see what i can find 🙂 Cheers
  3. Well Hello Y'all... its been a while since i was on here, just no time and no problems with the car 🙂 Just a quick question regarding headlight bulb upgrades. I have a 2015 Yaris Sport and the n/s headlight bulb has finally given up, so i would like to replace the pair with an upgrade to make the lights useful as opposed to the candles that seem to be fitted as standard. Is Halogen the way to go or is LED an option? Any brands that are good or bad? Any advice much appreciated and thanks in advance 🙂 Cheers Guys 🙂
  4. Thanks :) its just £160 from Mr.T, or about £80 from my usual garage, been going there for years, loyalty an all that :) £160 is a lot for an oil change!!!
  5. Hi people, just a quick question about my up coming 30k service, I have been told that i can get it done anywhere, ie my usual local independent garage, as long as they are a vat registered business, which they are. i am just concerned that if something needs to be be done on warranty that Mr. T will find "a problem" with work not done by them. As far as i understand, the 30k service is basically an oil and filter change, a few recommended filter changes and a visual check of the car overall. The 20k service was only done back in October so just the oil stuff will be good i think! Any advice much appreciated... Cheers guys :)
  6. Updated! Sorry the pic is a bit pants, it's one of the Mr. T sales pics cropped down :(
  7. Hiya all you Yaris people :) I dont know if anyone will really care too much, but i am back :) I have had 8 years away, in the Corolla and Auris clubs ( between you and me they are not as friendly as the Yaris people) but today, i have collected My 15 plate Silver Yaris Sport :) I will try to get some piccies taken when i get a chance...It feels so good to back in a Yaris :))
  8. Ah ok...where to start? Yes, my 2 previous Yarii and my Rolla both had the reverse selection problem and its the same in this Auris, i guess thats just a Toyota thing! This is a pain because it happens mainly in 1st just as you want to move away! Mr.T has adjusted the cables, but seems to make no difference :( I dont think its a driving style problem as all of my pupils do it too, unless they are all clones of me :) So...the only thing left is the dual controls, and i have to be honest, they are not something that i have considered, so i will go to City Motors over the next day or 3 and see what they think... Sometimes its the simplest of things that make all the difference. Cheers Guys...i will let you know what happens :)
  9. So i guess this is not a common thing then???
  10. Hiya people... Just wondering if anyone else experiences this... I bought a 60 plate Auris TR 1.6 back last June. I have had a gear selection problem ever since, the dealer cant find any problems!...The gear stick will go into the gate but sometimes will not select a gear, the only thing to do is select neutral, foot off the clutch, clutch back down and then it will select the gear every time. this usually happens in 1st and reverse...It is a pain for any driver, but when using the car for driving tuition, it a pain and a half! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the warranty has just 3 months left and this needs sorting. Thanks in advance :)
  11. Drove 330 miles to Leicester and back yesterday...car went fine...until leaving the M5 onto the M50. suddenly no power when accelerating, lumpy, sluggish, like driving with the handbrake on!...It wasn't btw ;) It carried on for 30 miles or so, got to Ross on Wye and power aplenty again! You know what its like when you go to Mr.T...the car is always on best behaviour :(
  12. Hi guys... A few months ago some of you might remember that i had bought a 2010 Auris 1.6 TR. It has had numerous problems (clutch, bodywork, water in the boot) but now i have a problem the dealer cant find...just wondering if anyone else has had it! During normal driving it runs fine but the intermittent problem causes the engine to stutter and lose power just when you need it. At around 3~4k on the rev counter, when you accelerate to overtake or make good progress on a motorway sliproad for example. I have experienced similar in previous cars when there has been a coil pack problem or had a faulty sensor of some sort. When i have had this the engine management light has come on, but this time, nothing! Any advice would be great as the dealer is stumped! Otherwise i will just have to wait for it to deteriorate and see if the management light appears! Cheers people :)
  13. HA!...Alan, you are a legend!...just been out to the car and set it a little higher and when i got to 20.5 it doesn't come on automatically :D Nice one...Thanks a lot
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