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  1. Greetings Yaris owners I was wondering if anyone would help with the following problem on my 18 reg. Yaris: during driving speed alerts started well below the speed I was driving at. So, when driving in a 30 mile zone, speed alerts started to occur when I was driving 25mph; in a 20mph zone, at 15mph etc, despite the setting being set to alert if over 3mph. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that full beam wouldn't automatically come on, even when driving in pitch black conditions. I now believe the above is because of the condensation in the sensor area in the windscreen, as in attached photo. I was also in Glasgow yesterday (driving from Edinburgh), and on the way back, when the above problem of false speed warnings, I could smell burning rubber. Any suggestions here how condensation could get into the sensor and how to get rid of it? I'll probably have to visit my local dealership - if so, does anyone know how long such a repair takes? What would be the cause of the burning rubber smell and whether both are related, especially that these false speed alerts started to occur after the smell. Thank you very much for your time and help.
  2. As soon as you hand over your dosh, those nicey nicey sales reps are too busy to care. That was my experience of Toyota in Edinburgh. They put some kind of mascot in my car and talked a lot of ******* about post sales care but nothing like that happened. I also complained to the franchise manager because they'd not prepared the second hand car to Toyota standards. Now they're even more quiet. Toyota never again for me, I'm afraid.
  3. The wording is 'modified', not the 'standard specification'. In other words, if you've modified your car in any way, then you have to tell them, for example if you've installed two wipers instead of one, and not when you change the standard specification. When you install a dash cam (hard wire it), do you need to tell the insurance company that you've done so? The same applies to the alarm sound - if that option is available and can be switched off by Toyota, then it's not a modification,but merely a convenience.
  4. Thank you for the very useful advice - never thought about that at all.
  5. About what? That beeping has been switched off while I keep my door open? Don't be ridiculous - they'll probably think that you've lost your mind or something.
  6. For years/decades there was no beeping when the door was open and while this beeping may well be a *'safety' feature now, I'd hope that anyone getting into a car would make sure that their is properly closed (plus, there's a display showing whether doors are open or closed) * Hardly a safety feature. In today's society, one has to have a warning for everything. Even my washing machine warns me that it finished a cycle. So, while I think having a beeping reminder that your seatbelt is not on is justified, having the damn beeping thing on (non stop!) when I want the door open Is driving my crazy.
  7. Hi All, is there a way of temporarily switching off the rather annoying open-door warning sound on the Toyota Yaris 1.5 (2018)? Thank you.
  8. That's very disappointing. Probably it was another example of miss-selling by my local Toyota dealership, unfortunately.
  9. Last year Toyota hinted at Android Auto retrofit upgrades for some models. They were going to be around 50 quid if the car was going to be serviced at the same time. I've now booked a service with a local garage (not a Toyota one), but would be happy to cancel if I can get an Android Auto retrofitted on my 18 reg plate Yaris. Has there been any progress made with the availability of Android Auto on the Yaris? Does anyone know? I've searched on the Internet but nothing comes up. Thank you in advance.
  10. As far as I remember, it zeros every time you too up petrol.
  11. I don't understand your question, I mean the logic of it. If you have a full tank of petrol, the trip computer will display how many miles you can get out of that amount of petrol. If you use an amount of petrol and then top up with whatever amount, it'll show you how many miles you can get out of that amount of petrol in the tank.
  12. For sale: new (unused) original Toyota Corolla Yaris 15" wheel trim set (4x). Collection: Edinburgh (Eskbank) Price: £40
  13. On my 06 Yaris, the digital fuel gauge always got stuck in a sense on the last two bars. Then, after some time as I did more milage, it'd all of a sudden got to flashing one bar. I didn't get it fixed, but it'd reset trip A to know when I was nearer 100 miles left and would get more petrol then. I don't know what caused that digital gauge to get stuck like that.
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