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  1. For sale: new (unused) original Toyota Corolla Yaris 15" wheel trim set (4x). Collection: Edinburgh (Eskbank) Price: £40
  2. On my 06 Yaris, the digital fuel gauge always got stuck in a sense on the last two bars. Then, after some time as I did more milage, it'd all of a sudden got to flashing one bar. I didn't get it fixed, but it'd reset trip A to know when I was nearer 100 miles left and would get more petrol then. I don't know what caused that digital gauge to get stuck like that.
  3. Sure. For information, though, since my last post, it's Android 6, so well out of date.
  4. Independent resellers seem to have added Android to Toyota Yaris already: This chap, Riva Hi-Tech (on Facebook Riva Hi-TECH "Riparoexpresscomiso"), seems to offer a module for the head unit for 550 euros. Quite steep, but it clearly shows it's possible.
  5. Thanks for such a comprehensive response. I was told Toyota would be retro fitting existing 2019 models of Yaris for 250 quid or 50 quid if you choose to have it serviced too. What I mean by retrofitting is a dongle that will be attached to the back of the unit. You mention that the software upgrade has one fix. Is there a list of changes (ie change log) available in the open domain? I'd like to know what is the latest version of firmware (is it 3953?) And whether or not there are any new features implemented in this firmware too. Thank you kindly.
  6. Hi there I'm new to this forum, but excited to be able to seek your professional expertise. I have a 2019 model of the Yaris (1.5) and I'm looking to upgrade the firmware. Would you please tell me where to download the latest version or whether the local dealer can upgrade for free? (I just bought the car - 18 reg plate) My current version is HE3945, but on the courtesy car I'm currently using, the version is HE3953 - see attached. So, I'd like to put the latest one on my car, whatever its version is. Mine is Touch 2 without the Sat nav, though the courtesy car has a Sat nav. Same model ID both cars, as you can see. Thanks a lot. (I'm waiting for Android auto - I'm told it'll be released in Sept for Yaris, but realistically available in Oct. Price is 250 for the pleasure of hooking up your iPhone or Android to your car, though I'm told 50 quid if you do a service too.) (I'm IT proficient, but there doesn't seem to be some kind of website for Toyotas, or at least I can't find it, where you can check the most update versioning of the firmware and actually download it. ) Cheers.