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  1. Thank you both for the welcome, and advise. Ok I am new to all this so don't laugh but I had to google what a double din head unit was but I know now !! 😉 . So maybe I could get on of those , do they fit & look good in the Dash ? I do have a rear reversing camera but it wouldn't bother me to loose it. I would prefer to have the other things. Also I was looking at the Translated owner manual would you recommend them?
  2. Hi , I am delighted with my new import I have always wanted an Estima. Its a 2009 and I have no Idea how to read Japanese. Can I convert any of the car to English ? Like sat Nav on board Computer etc ? How do people figure out how to do things like connect Bluetooth etc . I have tried to look up videos on line but I can find any. Any advise would be welcome.