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  1. We get snow and ice during the winter (usually!), surely that's cold enough to justify having this feature!
  2. Seems to related to Toyota connected services, not seen this in the UK yet, but it seems to be a thing in the US.
  3. After watching some YouTube reviews of the Corolla, it seems that in other countries (the US for example), the app allows you to remotely start the engine and start the heater. It seems that the UK are behind again (as usual!)
  4. So, does the Toyota app allow you to look at stats like fuel usage, plus other useful things like starting the heater remotely - UK version etc..?
  5. Hi Bruce, when you say January of this year, do you mean 2020, or 2019 - as I test drove a used car from 2019, so maybe this has something to do with it.
  6. So, which models get the HUD - is it from Design upwards?
  7. Hi, this was a Toyota dealership and it didn't have a head up display either!
  8. Hi Lee, that's really weird as the car I test drove had the GR Sport logo on the back, it was a 2019 reg and it definitely did not have the parking assist button down by the other side of the steering wheel (door side), so I'm not sure what's going on there. Also, do you know if Toyota garages are retro-fitting the AA/CP to the early Corollas already, or is that something that's coming soon? It definitely didn't have AA/CP either! Thanks.
  9. Hi Lee, I drove a used GR, so I'm guessing that the early ones didn't get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. What I meant my park assist was the self parking technology which most new(ish) cars seem to have these days. This was definitely missing from the GR I test drove, so am trying to ascertain which models have got this and when they started getting it, if not on the 2019 cars.
  10. Hi, I've got a 2013 Leon FR, so just with 138bhp, so the slow version basically. The 2.0 litre Corolla didn't feel slower really when accelerating, although it's quite hard to tell.
  11. Finally got to test drive the 2.0 litre hybrid today and was quite impressed. It's about as fast accelerating as my Leon FR, although it does roar a bit! The salesman told me that if I put the gear into sport and used the paddle shifters, then I could effectively change up quicker and so not rev so much, but it didn't feel like the paddles were doing much at all, as you can't feel the gears actually change, which probably makes sense as its a CVT box, so a bit confused by that. Overall, a good comfortable drive and reasonably quick I think. I was driving the GR sport version and was expecting it to have parking assist and blind spot monitoring, but it didn't have either of those, so does anybody know which model(s) have these, as it's not obvious from the stats online? He also said that it's possible now to get the retro fit of Android Auto and Apple Carplay done at Halfords - is this actually the case?
  12. Yes, I've also read that an upgrade will be available for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay from May for existing Corollas, for something between £100 - £200 I think, which sounds very promising!
  13. Hi Andrue, thanks for your response. I've just heard on most YouTube reviews of the Corolla that the infotainment system is not up to the standard of other new cars in the class. Nearly every review has stated that it's sluggish (not very responsive) and the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is pretty bad for a new car, but I'm sure it's just a matter of opinion and I'll be checking it out once I get to actually test drive one.
  14. LOL, I can understand your confusion, so basically, I've been considering the Peugeot 308 GT because of its power yes, but its 0-60mph time is about 7.2 secs, so a bit faster than the stated 0-60 time for the Corolla, however, the GT has a turbo engine, so has a good deal of low down torque, so it doesn't really need a lot of revving to get going, which is why I've been considering it (diesels are definitely out of the question for me, despite the low down torque). So, I've just been trying to establish if the Corolla is quite quick from stand still or not, and if it is, does that require high revs to get there. I know I just need to test drive one, but they're proving quite hard to find, especially locally to me at the moment.
  15. Can't wait to test drive the 2.0 hybrid, but there isn't a used one anywhere near me in Essex at the moment, which is very frustrating!
  16. Yes, it seems that the 2.0 is quick, the one thing that concerns me is seemingly excessive revving required to get up to speed - it's one of my pet hates, revving, I don't even take my Leon FR past 3000-3500rpm if I can help it, just feels like it's straining the engine LOL, so maybe the Corolla hybrid isn't a good match for me, wish it was though, it sounds like a lovely car (ignoring the infotainment system that is, although it sounds like it'll be getting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in May!).
  17. So Niels, the GPS Race Timer app you've used to measure acceleration is showing that you got to 30mph (50kmh) in 2 seconds - is that correct!? That seems incredibly fast - is this accurate do you think?
  18. Ok, so slightly confused about the acceleration thing - obviously, 0-60mph speed tests are all probably done at maximum (safe) revs, so the 0-60 times are all recorded when the engine is revving pretty hard, so in that respect I suppose the CVT will be reacting exactly the same as a petrol when trying to reach 60mph in the quickest time. To be honest, I'd be more interested in 0-30mph or 0-40mph times, as pulling away from standing still is when most of us want some decent acceleration - I'm not talking boy racer or anything, but that nice shove in the back you get from diesel torque of the turbo of a petrol, is something I quite like, basically not sluggish - do you get anything like that with the 2.0 Corolla?
  19. Thanks all very much for the advice. I'm hoping that as I do a half an hour drive to work most days, on a very stop start route, with a few sections where I'm doing 40-55mph or so, that I'll manage to save on the petrol usage quite a lot with the Corolla also, with the hope that the electric engine will be used a lot over that kind of journey, so it's quite an attractive proposition. I've currently got a SEAT Leon 1.4 TSi (the 138bhp) version, so am quite keen that the Corolla can match that kind of acceleration (or be faster!) than that. Thanks again.
  20. Thanks very much for your quick reply, that really helps. I've heard that the Excel is quite a harsh ride on the 18" alloys, which is why I haven't been considering it - has this been the case in your experience?
  21. Hi, after reading many reviews and watching many YouTube reviews, I'm very tempted by the 2.0 Corolla hybrid. I have a few questions though, that don't seem to be fully answered after the research I've done so far, so.... 1. Does the 2.0 Corolla accelerate (in the low down register) like a regular electric car, so do you get the instant torque that most electric cars have? 2. Is there a speed where the the petrol engine kicks in, taking over from the electric motor, and if so, is this higher in the 2.0 compared to the 1.8? 3. Does the CVT gearbox rev excessively at high speed, or does it need to rev excessively to reach higher speeds? 4. Another acceleration question - I was also thinking of buying a Peugeot 308 GT (not hybrid or electric), do you think the acceleration of the Corolla (to 60mph) would be roughly comparable? (slightly slower would be fine though - 0.5 secs or so.) Thanks in advance for any advice, it would be greatly appreciated, as I really want to make the right choice!