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  1. have anyone tried this product before?/ roadlegal? 🙂
  2. AT.

    LED- replacement have anyone tried this product before? 🙂
  3. AT.

    LED- replacement

    thanks man, this is the same kit just cheaper, right?
  4. AT.

    LED- replacement

    thanks, could you send me the for the premium kit link? (did it come with bulbs for the parking light and the plate light?) headlight- have you replaced them?. and do i only need to replace the bulb.? Thanks again
  5. hi,i would like to replace all the lights in the car with LED lighting, the interior, headlights, parking lights, and licence plate lights. I was wondering if any of you had done this before and if there are any products you would recommend. i have a toyota avensis estate 2004. thanks in advance 🙂