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  1. How do you mean restart the phone. As in my actually phone or setting up phones for the car? I don’t think it is anything to do with the phone as I can connect to it still to make calls through BT. But it’s just not selecting the BT option through the media section as it defaults to the radio, whereas before it would open the BT page
  2. Possibly, I took them on my phone so I’ll have to work out how to upload them. I have an IPhone, it hasn’t updated recently, but like I say it was working fine when I was driving the day of the post, but then after my day out and coming home it wasn’t working. The media icon is showing for BT, but when I click it, it just defaults back to the radio.
  3. I have tried pairing and unpairing, the dealership tried on 3 of their phones, it’s connecting to the phone for calls etc but the Bluetooth option in the media selection isn’t working. Which is why they think it’s a software issue that needs updating but I don’t fancy spending £89 to find out if it is or isn’t to then pay to get to it updated, especially when you don’t have to pay for software updates on most other things ! 😂 I just don’t know if anyone else has experienced this before and found the issue or whether I need to suck it up and pay or just get an aux cable.
  4. Hello! So I have encountered a problem I have never had before. I have had my car (second hand Toyota Yaris 2012) since about May last year?. Everything Bluetooth wise has been working fine. Until today! Now my phone is still connected to my car and I can still use it for phone calls. However when I click Media and then try to change it to Bluetooth to play Spotify, it’s not bringing up the BT page. Any ideas? I did take it to the dealership and they suggested a diagnostic check which costs £89 without the fixing of the problem included which they think could be a software update. I have tried resetting it, and I managed to find a way of doing a diagnostic check by holding Setup and turning the lights on and off three times, which brought up the menu but wouldn’t do anything when pressing or press and holding the INT button. The only different I have noticed is with the profiles, on my phone profiles OPP isn’t highlighted, where as in detailed Bluetooth settings OPP is selected. Any advice greatly welcomed ^_^ worst case I will have to buy an Aux cable (Tried to upload pictures but it won’t allow them)
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