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  1. Just a point of interest. Now the warmer weather is here my gen 4 is now averaging back to 75mpg, same as I was getting last summer.
  2. After my gen4 had not been used for a few weeks I checked the battery with a volt meter and found it was low. I phoned my local Toyota dealer for advice. The person who answered told me the dealership was closed and he was working from home .He could not give me an answer but arranged for someone to call me. Within as hour I had a phone call, I explained the problem and he advised me that it would be OK to connect a charger direct to the battery without disconnecting it from the car, this I did and all seems ok. Now every couple of weeks I connect the charger and charge it for a hour or two so as to keep the battery fully charged. The charger I am using is a small CTec.
  3. I use my car mainly for short local trips (shopping etc) last summer l was getting around 75mpg in the winter I dropped to around 55/60 , at the moment it’s doin high 60,s
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