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  1. Welcome to the club. Get some pictures up so we can all see your pride and joy!! jerry!!
  2. Looks a nice car mate. You enjoy that rear wheel action jerry!!
  3. jerry phipps

    My New Baby!

    Very nice car you have just brought. Red always one of my fav colour jerry!!
  4. Dam sorry to see this anne. Glad that you have got it all sorted jerry!!
  5. Some great pictures there john Looked like you all have a dam good time. jerry!!
  6. Hi Kevin I see that you have brought your new exhaust. Looking good buddy I will have to pop around and have a look and catch up ;) All the best jerry!!
  7. Hi Asha sorry to hear this. Hope Alex get's better soon all the best jerry!!
  8. This really does look really nice in white Very nice looking car you have there. jerry!!
  9. Hi peeps Thanks for the birthday wishes ;) Had a great day plenty of presents and birthday money. Do you think some car mod's will be on the cards ;) ;) jerry!!
  10. Hi Kevin Wow it's been awhile mate since you have been on here :) Looks like you have picked out 2 of the most talked about exhaust up grades. The berk Tech exhaust seems to be very popular on the mr2 forums. One because of the good pricing and for looking very similar to the hks super dragger. Also the berk tech down pipe again after speaking to chris gts claims that it's a lot better than you normal down pipe. The flex section is ment to take so much strain off of the down pipe so less likely to crack ;) Hey you can only try my friend and see what happens. But overall i have heard may good words about the berk tech exhaust systems A few video clips jerry!!
  11. Hi Steve Sorry for the late reply. Congratulations on your retirement mate. Now you are a man of leisure you will be monitoring the boards more tighter All the best mate jerry!!
  12. Hey Fizz Welcome back to the dark side. Very nice car you have there jerry!!
  13. Hi Steve Nice to see you back on here again lol. I'm guessing you will be a very busy man this year with all the shows approaching. Keep up the good work with the mag Say hi to your mum Pam jerry!!
  14. Looking good john Now all you need now is some good car meets to show off all jerry!!
  15. Thats a shame to here that you are selling Dawesy :o I guess you will be starting another fast car project? May i ask what will you be looking at next or are you knocking the car modifying larky on the head? jerry!!
  16. Oh well. Each to there own is what i say. But really not for me jerry!!
  17. Thats one fine car you have there. It's nice to see that peeps are still looking after those old skool classics jerry
  18. This is great. Cool if you want to cheap out a place before you go there ;) jerry
  19. Hey Dan Buddy How the hell are you buddy. It's been awhile mate. I think the last time i saw you it was down castle combe about 4 years ago :o Glad to hear from you again. Take care mate jerry!!
  20. Not a lot here really just a light covering ;) jerry!!
  21. Might have to get myself a set of these will be my first mod for the year jerry!!
  22. I never understand why they do this. Try to turn a Japanese car into a Italian car jerry!!
  23. jerry phipps

    My Baby

    Nice looking car jerry!!
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