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  1. 1101

    An Iq Called Toya

    Great looking car you inspired me with my Toyota IQ build 😄
  2. 1101

    My Toyoda IQ 1.4D4D

    Soo yesteray I went to remap car.. First couple of dyno testings were as you see 64.6 wheel horsepower and 160Nm I asked guy who is doing that is it normal since i didnt know He said its normal its not power loss due years just different measurements in factory and every car is in papers more power than it really is So remmaping started We pulled out ECU started remapping and we were pulling out couple times ecu for better performance and best we could get with 1bar boost so thats 0.1 more than stock is this So increase in power on wheels is from 64.6 to 80.2 and in torque from 160 to to 197Nm on 400 less rpms which is great Before remap car was "dead" before 2k rpm now he is pulling great on 1800rpm and if you touch gas pedal he start pulling immediately Really happy with remap definitely faster, but will "race" with friends chipped IQ so I will post results Tried 0-100/0-62 got first time 9.1sec Need to learn how to start properly car from zero but not really in mood for that so I dont break my transmission And yeah he said this remap is safe everything more than that can hurt engine so this is far as I will go Next mod is am gonna put kyb suspension since I would like litlle bit stiffer and more predictable car while cornering TLDR: remapped car and I am really really happy with results
  3. 1101

    An Iq Called Toya

    3 and half years and nothing new with car? Is it still alive? Haha
  4. 1101

    My Toyoda IQ 1.4D4D

    Hello everyone This is my first Toyota. Its 1.4 d4d 90hp..when i bought it about month ago she had 87k kilometers on clock I am really happy with car. It has a lot of space for driver and passenger also if you want ride third person its not problem. Planning to do couple things on her and first of all will be remapping. Next week I am taking her to remap, the guy who is doing that said she will gain 25hp and 60Nm..so thats 115hp and 250Nm He said he has dyno so we will check results. Planning to set 16" also change suspension set little bit stiffer one and who knows what will come in my mind to work on.. since its my daily i wont do any big jobs if its not necessary neither i will make track car of it
  5. 1101


    Thank you all!
  6. Hello, i am from Croatia.. I just bought Toyota IQ also my first Toyota Here is picture of beauty