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  1. Just a niggle on cigarette plug in voltmeter; you need to switch to Ready mode first. If car goes to Ready mode, no problem, battery serviceable. If it doesn't, battery flat. If you want to monitor the battery when the car is not in use you either need a direct reading voltmeter or a Bluetooth voltmeter.
  2. I had Aviva, lowish 1st year quote £200 less than my then current insurer when I bought my Corolla. Next year up by £50. This year another £50. Used a comparison site, £80 cheaper through a broker on that site plus £33 Topcashback. Got the docs, under written LV.
  3. Roy124

    Road Tax

    Is that not years 2-6? Not sure about year 1
  4. I think disconnecting the battery leads as unnecessary and such a PITA that you would soon stop doing it monthly. I don't know your charger but I have wired my charger cable direct to the battery and then plug the charger into that cable. In my setup, my charger is secured to a board in my garage, I open the bonnet, and plug in and switch on. For my next car I will do the same though the battery be under the back seat. The problem is so cpomon I see no issue with the garage doing it before delivery.
  5. I bought on March and my existing insurance ended mid-May. There was a significant early cancellation fee. It was less expensive to pay the extra rather than switch.
  6. Just checked, I paid a one-off premium 10 days after I bought the car. I paid ALA £301.
  7. Pip, all true but it helps to have an idea for delivery.
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