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  1. John, assuming your reading is accurate and the draw is as you say, that suggests your battery was below 12v when you last used it. I suggest you need to do some more checks.
  2. No. New hybrids and plug-in hybrids will be given a stay of execution until 2035, on the condition they are capable of covering a "significant distance" - a term which the Government has yet to define - in zero-emission mode.
  3. If you know the road, or your Satnav gives you distance to a roundabout I think using your brakes is an admission of defeat. There is one route I use, cars overtake and then brake for the roundabout. I look ahead, just ease off, and frequently carry on without stopping or braking. I remember many years ago Stirling Moss achieved some incredible consumption, even bettering Toyota Hybrid figures. Apart from anticipation, he drove in socks not shoes.
  4. Avoid supermarket car parks. Actually avoid Yorkshire supermarket car parks. I was at a lunch the other day. Chap came up, said you've got a Cross..... He has a Merc EV and RAV4 and is changing the RAV for the Cross, asked how I liked it. Someone in the club got a Corolla after I got mine. She has difficulty getting over 55mpg. I had difficulty getting under 60. Turns out that all the buttons on the steering wheel are a mystery to her and the hybrid has not changed her driving style.
  5. But you have to keep the jumper pack charged. If you make lots of shirt journeys you may not be in Ready mode long enough. To avoid faffing around with taking the jumper pack inside every day or so to recharge, you could fit a backup battery in the car to recharge the backup battery. It could also be used to provide 12v power and reduce ICE usage as the HV battery drains more quickly. It would need to have sufficient power to be useful though. Something like 35AHr is probably ideal.
  6. Insurance, drive less pay less is fine between, say, 5,000 mile driver and a 15,000 mile driver. However the 1,000 mile a year, out of regular practise, might be deemed a higher risk.
  7. Reflect on the Lexus they plan to bring to UK.
  8. Or you stay with the current system with 'wealth' related first year tax, a similar rate for years 2, 3 and 4 followed by per mile at the 5 year MOT. Those that 'evade' the wealth tax or don't buy a second new car pay the per mile rate. What ever scheme gives the best revenue stream whilst preserving DVLA job schemes will be chosen.
  9. I suspect Martin left his car at home but there are circumstances prior to leaving a car parked up. Suppose you are in a car park queue, I am thinking cruise parking, with your car powered off but radio on and frequent powering followed by door opening.
  10. I would go for dynamic road pricing being retired so can chose my time of travel. I can't see any Government turning off revenue streams from excise duties and road tax. Running road pricing in parallel gives them 3 switches. They get tax from buying new cars, get money from occasional users, get money from drivers. Dropping purchase tax, and VAT, would wreck second hand car prices. Stopping road tax would mean cars dropping off the radar.
  11. But how do you implement it? The ULEZ in London uses cameras to log and charge non compliant vehicles. Apparently only 1 in 10 is non compliant. What is the cost/revenue balance? As more vehicles become compliant you will arrive at a point where costs are way out of proportion. How are EV miles going to be monitored?
  12. So nothing to do with the dip stick but the settlement rate after use. I admit to having been spoilt with my Merc, you switched off, waited a few minutes and then it would give you the reading. What difference have you found between a hot reading and an overnight one?
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