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  1. I disagree. I use the A1 to visit my daughter I travel at 70 and off the A1 at 30 or 40. The journey takes 25 minutes. My mpg is 64 or 62 and average speed is 32. Average speed tells you I was not doing 70 for most of the journey. The different consumption is down hill and up hill. Where the journey was mostly motorway the consumption might have been better as driving at constant speed or worse at the higher speed. I believe the best mpg would be at a steady 56 and average speed near 56.
  2. Roy124

    16 inch

    In winter many European countries require winter tyres. Some people have two sets of wheels that they swap at the 7 degree point. Do you tell your insurer if the swap manufacture spec for like in order to comply with the local laws? Also, if you do notify an insurer of a change of wheel/tyre size, remember to tell new insurers every time you change.
  3. Did you know Toyota publish this sort of detail on their website? The Toyota Hybrid experience | Hybrid Technology | Toyota UK You can find your model then browse for your typical journey profile. It will then show you all the detail in the same detail as the MyToyota app. Your speed 30-60 means nothing without a time. The app gives you an average speed which is better.
  4. Bernard, I would guess it is the alarm On warning to would be thieves. Regarding your check rear seat, I get some orange warnings too, seat belt has been one, parking assist is another and there is another. As they go out that suggests a startup fault and reset. It is of the warning remains that you might have a problem.
  5. Roy124


    While not a security device, dash cam and the built in tracker, can reveal the 'secret life of your car' when you use a meet and greet car park service or it goes goes for a service. There was a case, many years ago before such devices were common, where a mechanic took a high performance car for a spin and clocked over 100 mph before he was summarily dismissed.
  6. Roy124


    My Garmin SatNav has a dynamic tracker function but to function as a security device it would have to be live all the time and concealed so that it could not be immediately discovered. It would also need a backup power supply so that it operated after the car battery was disconnected. Your proposal would not appear to allow transmission after the battery was isolated and would presumably be easy toe detect. Best hope is it would show where it was disconnected. My Corolla has a poor man's tracker. It does not work dynamically but does give a position when the car is stopped. I don
  7. An interesting Idea but you would have to define the parameters.
  8. I did a wheel change 2 years ago on my Merc but it was on my daughter's drive. I also remove the wheels about once a year for a deep clean but then I use a trolley jack. I need to find the safe points for a trolley jack on my Corolla.
  9. RAB, correct but it is nowhere near as efficient as a bent crank handle" _n_"
  10. I saw several positive blades in the fuse box but nothing to which you could use a croc clip. In the 1,8 there is one larger blade in the box toward the front of the car and that looks a likely one. I did wonder if the charger cable could be wired in the the fuse box, so perhaps not. I guess charging directly on the battery avoids any losses in the system. I have the charger cable fitted directly to the battery (no comment from the garage) and a long lead across the car to the charger plug.
  11. Yes, that's it, thank you. Not what I expected. One car had a handle like the old starter handle where you could turn the crank with two hands. I am wondering whether I should learn how to do it or just rely on call out. At my age I think getting someone else to do it would be easier if not quicker.
  12. And a warning about the 2.0l Corolla with he 12v battery in the boot. When my battery was flat on Monday the first clue was the boot would not open. If you can't open the boot then you will need to find charge points under the bonnet. My Mercedes has a Positive point in its own box under the bonnet, I would guess there should be something similar for Toyota.
  13. In my Corolla in the boot is a spare wheel and two polystyrene packs that hold Jack, Handle, Tow hook and a slot for the wheel nut lock. Also in there, but no stowage, is a bar, about 15 inches long with a hook at each end. One hook has a circular profile like the bar, the other has the hook flattened to a blade. Any ideas what it is for?
  14. I just found this on Amazon housesweet 12V Portable 6000 mAh Car Jump Starter Emergency Battery Charger Power Bank for Devices at £31.59 (6000ma) plus £6.99 postage and delivery in over 2 weeks. As a bonus it has a case and also appears to be compatible with the CTEK plug system. Not too expensive, some good reviews, I will see how it goes.
  15. Good review. Looks ideal, especially if you are unable to use a charger. The RA-RPPL200 can be had for £45.95 and considerably cheaper than the 300. the difference is the former is 6,000ma capacity against 13,000ma. Double the capacity for £31 extra.
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