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  1. Although my car is a Corolla I think the topic is a general one. My car had been parked in the garage and left, doors closed, but not locked. When I next went to the car the car battery appeared to be flat. I think an interior light was on and dim and certainly did not bright up when the door was opened. The central display did not light up and the car was otherwise dead. I connected a Ring charger to the battery and switched it on. The charger lights then flicked between charging and charged whether the rate was set at fast or slow. Odd. After a few minutes, say 5-10, I disconnected the charger and tried again. It started as if nothing had happened. Had the battery recovered by itself after I switched off the light? Is my charger suitable; it says suitable for lead acid and gel batteries? Any comments?
  2. Scar, my Corolla is also fairly new. and does the same. It really depends on what you call a few minutes. With Covid I stay in the car while my wife goes shopping. I switch off the engine, start Acessory, and listed to the radio. It cuts out after 15 minutes or so. The other day I stopped and left the car in Hold. After a few minutes I was instructed to put the car in Park.
  3. My consumption with a 1.8 is dropping from 65-67 to 60-62. This might be the colder weather or me not driving quite so carefully. Although my last two very short runs were 32 there, from cold, and 70 back once warmed up. Monthly average speed is down from 30 to 24 mph.
  4. If you simply press the audio volume knob that mutes the audio, will it not mute navigation directions?
  5. At least I have been given a fixed price. I had a camera fitted. They collected the car, fitted the camera and returned it. Unfortunately they didn't realise the camera appeared to be working because its internal battery was fully charged. They came a second day, collected the car, refitted the camera and returned it. At least they now know how to do it.
  6. Frosty, my error;, I think my salesman had said Tomtom and I forgot this from Toyota "Our mapping provider has not changed as we are still receiving our mapping data from" I also forgot I had contacted Here about Toyota's own mapping issue, that is Toyota's mapping used in MyToyota app rather than the mapping in the 2020v1 in the car. Toyota customer services could not understand that it is their map is out of date as opposed to the map available in the cars.
  7. John NZ, thank you for that review. I think the technical description would be Clunky. As I am not that interested in using Spotify or Amazon music that is not a positive benefit. I will have a look at using a USB dongle for music see how that works. I would certainly prefer a different mapping system as TomTom, which I believe is the Toyota base, is not my favourite. Toyota picks up our speed signs and displays speed limits so that is not a problem. I miss the speed warnings I had in my previous car using a Garmin satnav but I have a POI Speed Pilot which has an independent speed cam data base and gives audio and visual warnings. It is good for giving accurate speeds too. It has a good standalone battery life too. I think for the moment I shall wait and see.
  8. O2, thank you, one strike against AA then 🙂 I need to check how Toyota handles traffic issues as with the pandemic my driving has been very limited.
  9. WiFi. When it can pick up a wifi signal. I had delays loading a 'send to car' route. It only loadedafter the car was out of the garage. Similarly the map update was painfully slow. Parking my car nearer my router had a faster update. I guess that some data may be transferred via your phone and data.
  10. Roy124

    My Toyota app

    IIRC mine was in production in early Feb and delivered about 3rd week in Feb which gave the dealer time to add the dash cam and apply the protective finish. I think the transit dates are a bit flexible. I knew mine was in transit before the dealer new.
  11. And only at lower speed where there is less tyre noise I understand
  12. Oxygen, what mapping are you displaying there? Is it Waze? I would appreciate user impressions such as what it gives you.
  13. On style I was very much old school, white detail on black background. My last car, a Mercedes came with black detail on white. I soon got used to it. The Corolla is a generation or three newer and has what is effectively a glass display. I soon got used to the multi colour display. My preference for a digital speed was based on using a windscreen mounted Garmin Satnav. It was more head up and near my sight line. The Toyota does not favour such positioning and I am getting more used to the head down analogue display. It does irk me though that the accuracy is poor (within legal limits). I have a digital GPS speed display unit and must try and get it up into my sight line.
  14. HL, just checked. The emergency button is in the cabin light switch cluster and towards the front. The motion sensor switch is a separate mount and behind the light switch cluster.