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  1. I think it is after a visit by the advertising team to the engineering team. "So, what is new about this car?" Which caused one particular Japanese car to be advertised as 'high tensile steel' which sounds good but leaves the average salesman floundering when asked "So?" Asked a salesman to explain a solar water panel - fail. Asked a salesman the mu value of a door "??"
  2. Lol Tony, my wife descaled our kettle and as Cyker forecast, it cleared the limescale and the kettle leaked 😁 Actually it had leaked for a long time causing a slow build up of limescale.
  3. And good practice before you sell or dispose any electronic product.
  4. New and improved invariably means cheaper for us but you will pay more.
  5. Tony reminds me/ "You may also try to use stp engine flush prior to change the oil, then new" My mechanics would collect my car and pour in a can of an engine flush before taking the car for its oil change. Is this only worth it for higher mileage cars?
  6. It has been much more reliable for me recently although it omitted all my trips last Sunday
  7. Server problems are a fact of life. Not exactly on a par with being locked out of your banking system.
  8. Roy124

    My T App

    Corolla. I had a journey last 6 Thursday, fine, Sunday 2 legs no trace on either. Monday fine, today fine. I had had a time earlier this week when MyT reported Error, try again later. I think it is the Server and not the car. Just think on the data handling. Every time every car switches off it sends its data package to the server. Is in conceivable that the server just misses a few packages? I would guess the number of smart connections will only increase.
  9. Different car, we stopped at a fatal RTA, 2nd car on scene, and put hazards on. Some time later, perhaps less than an hour, we had a flat battery. Can you jump start from a 24v Fire Truck 😁? I guess you could if you could just connect to half its battery.
  10. If model is not a consideration, but a pure EV is unsuitable, then hybrid is the answer but I would look for the one with the largest hybrid battery. I was surprised to find Corollas have several battery sizes. I guess the larger battery will give you the better consumption.
  11. Monday I did a 10 mile trip to town 85 mpg at 23 mph average with 61 mpg at 21 mph back. Dual carriage way both directions for about 5 miles. As you say, insane compared with my old Mercedes 220D that could achieve 48 but only on a long journey.
  12. In days gone by when SAAB made the 95/96 and then the 99 it was usual for SAAB owners to acknowledge the wisdom of fellow SAAB owners. The later 99s with day running lights made such greetings much easier. Also the French were very enthusiastic, always waving and flashing you. * *they didn't know SAAB s and thought your lights were on by accident 😅
  13. Hornet, lol, my event coming is Anglian Water. My meter is in an inaccessible pit 70 yards away on someone else's garden.
  14. John, having gone the CEO route do take the trouble to say thank you and to name anyone who gave notable help. Different company and not car related. After 6 months of promises not being followed up I got an email after contacting the CEO, I was promised action and tomorrow is the Crich day; we shall see.
  15. Roy124

    Flat battery

    Thank you Barney. I had to make an urgent trip to the garage to close a window. I can't remember how I got it wrong and the fix is simple, just follow the instructions, though I can't remember what they are 😊 PS, my wife keeps accidentally switching on the (in)accessibility mode on her phone. It's a sod trying to switch it off again.
  16. Plastic moldings often have year and month detail
  17. Roy124

    Flat battery

    If it is both fobs, if the batteries are OK, the fobs were new last year, and the car can't detect either fob, what is left? It sounds as it the key sensor is not working.
  18. Roy124

    Flat battery

    Please confirm the fault is with both fobs.
  19. On Brake sensitivity, that is probably down to muscle memory from your normal motoring. You might remember the difference on clutch pedals on other cars.
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