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  1. Yesterday, Shell Stamford at 141.9 A1 Gulf 139.9
  2. On my MY 21 Yaris Cross I had both phone connection and android auto projection using an old mobile. Just upgraded to a Samsung A14. I can get wired Android Auto or Mobile Phone but not both. With AA on the system I can call a phone number but get a very quiet message saying I need a BT connection. How can I establish the audio connection as well as the AA?
  3. On alert is overspeed on a cruise control setting. Typically cresting a rise the car will overspeed on the down and give a warning beep.
  4. On the speed cam warnings I discovered, digging deeper into the menus, the fixed cameras were set off though mobiles were on. I suspect that might have happened with the software update. On speed limits, prior to the update I only got the speed limit in a Specs zone. Now it displays the limit. In practice I use Android Auto for preference.
  5. Good news on the App trip front. I had an update from Toyota to say they were getting trips sorted from 1st June. Today 2 trips. Returned home just over an hour ago, both trips recorded 👍
  6. Cire6, indeed. I have used pre heat a couple of times (Excel model). It uses the last heat setting. Now two aspects. If the conditioning is selected off, will it inhibit the system? If the car still switches on, it would be useful for battery charging. If you leave the temp at 22 and the aircon on recirculate, could you also preset for screen deice? The latest App only allows for 10 minute heat. It used to allow 10, 20, or 30 minutes.
  7. @Big_D Bob, There are two factors here. You have the car a 5-6 hour run shortly after you bought it. That brought a new battery to full capacity. Then you regularly drive 6-15 miles. This is not the right way to consider it. This could be 12-30 minutes, 6-15 minutes, or even 24-60 minutes. Enough 30 minute bites is probably fine. If your traffic is heavy and your speed lower, that is better.
  8. Yaris Cross, MY21, hold and it jumps in steps of 5. Press and it goes in ones. Perfect.
  9. From Wiki: Legal tender is a form of money that courts of law are required to recognize as satisfactory payment for any monetary debt.[1] Each jurisdiction determines what is legal tender, but essentially it is anything which when offered ("tendered") in payment of a debt extinguishes the debt. There is no obligation on the creditor to accept the tendered payment, but the act of tendering the payment in legal tender discharges the debt. Some jurisdictions allow contract law to overrule the status of legal tender, allowing (for example) merchants to specify that they will not accept cash payments. ==== I guess they Dartford may fall back on contract law but it is a challenge to legal tender. Offering legal tender discharges the debt. Could be interesting. Personally I prefer westabout to Gatwick or the Woolwich Ferry.
  10. The important event was the first event. The second flat battery was inevitable as the first event either indicated a previous problem or caused the problem. As I think Cyker pointed out, it is the driving pattern rather than the unused period that is most important. A succession of light usage, say 2-3 days between uses, short journey times, and you start to build up a deficit. The hybrid charging system does not wack the battery in the same way a conventional alternator does. I found the car system gave a battery voltage 0.25v lower than a mains charger did.
  11. As a rough rule, for my car fuel is around 10p per mile. Just need a bit of mental maths to work out the route deviation versus cost benefit. Suppose I can uplift 20ltr at a saving of 2p/ltr I can only go 4 miles extra at no additional cost. If you need fuel the price is irrelevant unless you pass a cheap filling station.
  12. Gulf A1 south of Grantham is 141.7. For a 'strategic highway ' that is a remarkable price. You would think cars would be backed up down the A1. They aren't.
  13. . Mike, indeed but many are not. When browsing the Toyota website I found an item that led me to typical car journeys for my chosen model. These were typical such as a work commute, city travel, a cross country journey. In fact they were not typical journeys but actual live journeys by other customers at that time of year. Not sure if that is still true but you did give permission. You don't like it, then do as you say. BTW, do you have a dash cam?
  14. Search just about any EV or HEV car forum, 12v batteries are a common feature. Thinking back, I had a battery charger 60 years ago. I had to replace it about 5 years ago and then buy a CTEK when I got the Corolla. I never had battery problems but then I remember servicing that battery regularly. About once month undo the plugs, check electrolyte levels and top up with distilled water. Put the battery on charge, watch the gas bubbling off. I also used to do odd things like top up the radiator and brake fluid. These days the only time some people will open the bonnet is to top up the washer bottle.
  15. Is it boot length or volume? We find the FWD Yaris Cross has more use able boot space and 40 20 40 rear seat. There is a large space under the lower boot if you don't take the spare wheel option, then a useful under boot. It's no large enough for luggage but ideal for stashing loose stuff, coats, boots etc. Then the upper boot has more height. If you remove the upper boot floor you have a similar volume as a 1.8 Corolla without a spare wheel.
  16. There was a back road into Boston. A typical Fen road. I think the dug the !Removed!, piled the spoilt on the side and, a couple of hundred years later, laid tarmac on top. Driving down at 50 was exhilarating. You used the full width of the road, it was like mogulling, driving round the dips and swinging round the craters. For the motorist coming the other way, if they didn't know, a collision was inevitable.
  17. My solution to potholes is to badger the Highways department using Fix My Street and emphasise H&S. We have a contactor who uses a cut and hot tarmac repair rather than the temporary, lumpy, cold tarmac. Had some holes repaired in days. Not all but many.
  18. That's not how it works with a 12v battery as I understand it. I think it simply allows for a 12v output to energise the system. Once running the 12v battery is charged as normal.
  19. Max, in the late 60s I saw a SAAB 99. A year later I went into the SAAB Sales Office in Limassol and ordered one. By then the 1854cc engine was available to I opted for that. I saw no brochures before I walked in. I had never touched one let alone sat in one. It cost me £1,054, I drove it home, 4,000 miles across Europe, and kept it 8 years. There is a saying in aviation, if it looks right it probably is right.
  20. That was one of my questions earlier. In my case I found a discrepancy between my meter and a BM6 attached to the battery. The multi was over reading. When I put the battery on charge with the CTEK the BM6 readouts were spot on with the CTEK program. Although both BM6 and the Multimeter were both first class pieces of electronics from China 🤣 it was reassuring that the German bit agreed with the BM6.
  21. The initial 14.89 is clearly while the startup drain is replenished. What did it drop to after that? When you switched off it will probably drop further and then drop gracefully over the next 24 hours or so. If it was initially under 12v I think the battery might have a problem.
  22. Max, ignore the excellent fuel consumption question. Some years ago, driving a Ford Focus on the A12, I got severe leg ache operating the clutch. I know it's a regular feature of driving down south but gear changing was less necessary in Lincolnshire. Nevertheless I resolved from then on to only get an automatic, for 20 years that was a Mercedes. It had D but also 1-4. Time came to change and we had no preconceived idea for the next car. We looked at several smaller cars, automatic was essential and EV was unsuitable. By a happy coincidence from an attentive salesman, disinterest at Kia and Volvo and lack of appeal at others, we got a Toyota. We now realise that the CVT is excellent, hybrid fuel consumption a significant economy, and a pure ICE that met our criteria didn't exist. As for low mileage, Covid did for that.
  23. With aircon there are two options, taking in ambient air and recirculation. Logically, recirculating previously cooled or heated air will use less energy than using fresh air.
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