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  1. Howdy. Since I don't like Toyota's navigation, I will ask if you have fitted some aftermarket navigation.. What do you recommend? Prices range from 80 to 400 euro. That's why I'm asking. I would like to have a good sound quality, to be able to use waze, youtube, etc., maybe android auto. Thanks.
  2. Hello guys. I am the new owner of an Auris Touring Sport Hybrid, manufactured in 2016. The car is sol+ with all the stuff. The problem I noticed is that if I click on the TALK button: a window appears telling what commands you can use, then disappears after a maximum of one second, disappears so quickly that I cannot read what it writes, or the message voice recognition not available appears. The navigation is in English. I had the phone connected via Bluetooth. Soft: 4.4.1.WH I made an account on My Toyota, I putted the navigation id, that long code. Strangely, it tells me to download applications that I already have installed and an older software than it has already installed. I went into a hidden menu, gave a factory reset, asked me to select the language, put in English. I pressed the TALK button and entered the voice recognition menu, I pressed the call button, but due to the fact it was recently reset, I had no one on in contact list. I connected the phone, saved some contacts and when I clicked on TALK again, surprise ... it doesn't work anymore. The menu appears and disappears immediately or says it is not available. I tried again these morning. I gave factory reset, and it went into that menu. Then it didn't want to work anymore. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Thanks.