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  1. @Timmon It does look good, (in my opinion) and it certainly oozes quality on the inside. I have for a long time, had Opel Astras and always thought they were nice cars - I have changed my mind now. 😁. As you say, the rear seats fold down and even without that, the boot is huge. In my over 45 years of driving, this is my first Toyota! After only a week, I am a convert. 👍
  2. Don't know about the UK market, but the top spec' version in Ireland, 'SOL', (like what I have 😀), has half(ish) leather.
  3. The "dash projection" looks perfectly normal to me, just part of the nice flowing lines. Still, it would not do if we were all of the same mind - life would be pretty boring. ☺️ The sat nav looking like an add on did look a bit strange when I was first looking at the car, especially as the one in the Astra was built in. However, even after just four days, it now looks right somehow.
  4. Well I am certainly not a "young professional" any more. ☺️ I do like the styling, space and it is definitely more comfortable than the Astra it replaced.
  5. @Catlover We now only have four cats, (we did have 13 at one time - but that is another story!). They are all other peoples 'cast offs' and the oldest has one eye and long hair. She is about 18 years old now and since having her eye removed last year is like a flaming kitten again! The other three are tabbies. @Timmon and for anybody else interested, I have attached a couple of pictures. When I was doing research on the Corolla, I was quite surprised how the car differs from market to market. For instance, I believe that there are three trim levels in the UK, but there are four in Ireland, but only one in the USA. I have what is called 'Sol' in Ireland and it has everything - I am still learning!
  6. @Catlover Over here in Ireland, the motoring press reckon the saloon will be a bigger seller than the hatchback. I have not seen many on the road yet, but of those I have seen, it seems to be about a 50/50 split. The colour of my car is called 'Metal Stream', although the registration document says 'Grey', (which does not have quite the same ring to it ☺️). Just out of interest, do you like cats?
  7. Thanks. I will post a picture when I get time - not sure when though, this self-isolating is very time consuming. 😀
  8. Well, I picked the car up Friday. Ask me if I am happy and the answer is a definite yes. I am still learning but, it is smooth, I can not tell which engine is being used if I do not look at the display, no problem with the gearbox, in a nutshell, very pleased. I did ask the dealer about where the spare parts come from and was informed that the majority came from Belgium, (I think), but that of course, may only apply to Ireland.
  9. I will be fitting a Nextbase camera in the new car which I pick up on Friday. Reading the above from @bewA the connection is to the cigarette lighter fuse. Is it okay to use a 'piggyback' fuse holder, (as I currently do), and which is the cigarette lighter fuse please? Thank you for any information supplied.
  10. I have just received a 'phone call from the dealer - I can pick the car up Friday, so that is 22 days from order to collection. 😊
  11. Yes it is a big purchase - at any time. I am fortunate (?) in that I have been retired for the last 15 months or so, so I am used to not earning a wage any more. I got the necessary figures from the dealer, read what I could on the Toyota Hybrids as I decided a while back that when I changed my current car - an Opel Astra, I would go for a non plug in hybrid so Toyota it is. Hopefully I have made the right decision - I will soon know. 😀
  12. As Frosty says in his post, a lot depends on whether your income will be affected by the current situation - could you manage the repayments for a few months if your income was cut back or worse, stopped, for a while?
  13. The dealer is due to ring me tomorrow, (Wednesday), so I am hoping he will be saying that the car is there, they are just fitting a couple of extras I required and that I can pick it up Thursday. I will let you know. 😊
  14. With respect Oxygen, I think you are being a bit alarmist. The factories may be shut down, but when they reopen, which they will at some time, workers will be needed. I think, at worst, the workers will just be 'laid off', not 'sacked'.