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  1. @Obsidian Estate is correct. In the manual I have, the location and cleaning instructions start on page 427.
  2. As @TonyHSD says, have a word with your dealer, it will cost you nowt, apart from the phone call. To cut a long story short, I bought my first Toyota in March 2020 on PCP. In February of this year, I was talking to the dealer about replacing the car later this year. In March this year, I drove to the dealers, give them my 2020 car and drove off in an identical, apart from the colour, brand new car with 11 kms, (7 miles), on the clock. Same deal as before with 3 years free servicing and breakdown cover, (okay, I know it is not exactly 'free'). And the best part? I am paying less per month!
  3. One thing I would add is, if you know the date and approximate time that you will be collecting the vehicle, let your insurance company know in plenty of time, so the details can be swapped over.
  4. The S22 definitely does not have a SD slot. However, I have hundreds of MP3 files and a lot of MP4 videos on my little USB stick, (it is nowhere near full), and as I do not use the USB slot for owt else, I am happy enough with the set up. I also have a fair few music tracks in the phones memory, which I can play on the Infotainment thingy via Bluetooth.
  5. Not all Android phones have a SD slot. My Samsung Galaxy S22 doesn't. I have my MP3 music and MP4 videos on a little USB stick that is about 1 inch long.
  6. @Roy124 Is that a long range weather forecast? @Vela Seriously though, once you know the date and approximate time of the collection, I would ring your own insurance and get the cover transferred. As has been said, you then know it is done. When I was picking my new car up a couple of weeks ago, I had arranged for the cover to be swapped over at 12 noon. I had the car keys in my hand by about 11.45, so I sat in the car on the forecourt until 12, there was no way I was taking the car on the road until 12!
  7. I have to admit, I liked the split screen effect, but like anything else, 'they' have decided we are not having it now - like it or lump it!!
  8. The one Tony links to - and bought - is the same as the one I have just bought.
  9. @TonyHSD and anybody else interested in the AA 4.8w trickle charger. I have just posted a reply in the '12v battery on 1.8 Hybrid' thread. To save me repeating it all, this is the link -
  10. @Frosted and anybody else interested. The AA 4.8w trickle charger arrived today. I have not connected to the car yet, but I did connect it to the 12v battery that allows me to have an electric start button on the lawnmower. The battery did not have enough charge to fire up the lawnmower last week, so back to the 'old fashioned' pull on a bit of rope trick. I used the battery clips and connected to the solar panel. The weather has been cloudy here this afternoon and after the charger had been connected for about an hour, I realised it was raining! Cue a quick trip outside to disconnect everything and put the lawnmower back in the shed. Out of interest, I pressed the start button on the lawnmower - it made a noise and then, lo and behold, it fired up! And that was after about a one hour trickle charge in cloudy conditions. It certainly seems promising.
  11. @TonyHSD That is the one I currently have on order. @Spo2 As far as I know, the one you refer to is not as powerful as the 4.8 version. I have a thread running under ??? (will have to find it!) regarding the AA solar charger. Here it is -
  12. Hi @Frosted Firstly an apology and correction - what I should have said is that "I have an AA solar trickle charger on order that I was going to connect to the OBD socket whilst the car is unattended" - oops! The one I have on order is the 4.8w version. I have read numerous reviews, the majority of which seem very positive, if it is used correctly. Apparently, a few people have blown fuses by switching on the ignition whilst the charger is still connected to the OBD point. The charger should be delivered immediately after Easter and I will be testing it before the holiday, so I will report back. Although models for the Irish market vary from the models for the UK market, I would presume that something like the OBD port would be the same in all models - maybe somebody could confirm or deny this?
  13. My 1.8 Corolla saloon that I picked up a couple of weeks ago has Falkens, as did the one I bought two years ago. I had the front tyres replaced on the 2020 last autumn, at the dealers and they were another brand, but can not remember which. Maybe the different model or place of build denotes which tyres are put on ??
  14. Just out of interest, I will be leaving my Corolla for a week, on the street, whilst I have my first holiday in the UK for three years. I have an AA solar trickle charger that I was going to connect to the OBD socket whilst the car is unattended, which, hopefully, will be all that is required - the car will be, after all, just a couple of months old! However, I have a jump starter if the worse comes to the worse. Now to the point of this post - if the 12v battery never goes flat, how do you tell if the jump starter is working as it will never be needed to be used? Is it a bit like insurance, you pay for it but hope you never have to use it?
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