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  1. Well all sold now - got very little interest in the car which surprised me to be honest, such a great reliable and fast car and nobody wanted it. Sold to a dealer as needed a wedge to start in ernest the look for a Land Rover... If anybody wants it is now in 'Carcraft' at Birtley but you'll pay them a lot more than you would have me!!! So no longer a Toyota owner so 'adios' folks.....
  2. Noted - I understand now. I will get back if I need a copy but if I am going to argue the toss with Parkers the first thing they are going to raise is that yours is the older version all be it that it was registered after mine (mine was June 04) - does explain why there is a least some a difference between what you paid and what Parkers say though - Thanks again.
  3. To the tune of 2k :o , that seems a very steep dive.......
  4. Hi again, Any chance you could post here or PM me a pdf of your sales invoice????? Feel free to remove all personally identifiable info. but at £7,500 I really need evidence to be able contact Parkers on line guide and take them to task. They are quoting £9,750 for a 04 t-sport like mine from a franchise main dealer and £9,050 from a non-franchise dealer. To get one at £2k below this is remarkable to say the least. I really could do with some hard evidence to challenge them so a copy of your sales invoice as above would be really great. Many thanks.
  5. Hi that's intersting... which main dealer was that. Did the deal include a PX??? Facelift, which means Jazz123 got a bargain....wow....
  6. Thanks for that - I hadn't appreciated that Parkers had gone 'on line'. I looked for one of their guides yesterday in the local store but couldn't locate one. It says £8400 - which is interesting as I guessed about £8500. Thanks again.
  7. Just as it says in the title really. Time to move on and sell my much loved Corolla t-sport. Under 25K miles - taxed 'till 31st July 07. Full Toyota Main dealer service history. Standard, no mods (it doesn't need any!!!). You know the rest of the spec i.e. it's very good. Interior and exterior in great condition. Me as second owner. Metallic grey (apols. don't know correct name). Funds needed to revert to Land Rover ownership :o For a private sale - how much would be asking??????
  8. Woops deleted wrong forum......
  9. Hi - don't worry about being accompanied...... I got my CTS from Minories Wearside and the salesman was eager to get me to get it to 6,200 so the lift would kick in - reason - because he knew as soon as the lift kicked in he had a sale!!!! He was right......
  10. Not so sure about the niggles being ironed out on the facelift model. Mine has the grating clutch (or it will have until it goes in to be fixed) and the radio looks like it was fit by a 2nd year YTS student. It's an 04 model, and looks and drives just great. But no sorry it still has niggles...... but as you say so do many other cars.
  11. Yeah mine does this - had to to the dealers who acknowledged the noise was there but just said let it develop - that was a few months back and it have to admit it is getting worse - so I think I'm going back before the warranty runs out....
  12. FTR how would you know the newish CTS's you have seen are not CC's. Which is my point. A CC looks like a CTS, a CTS looks like a CC. An Orange Focus St looks like...........you've been tango'ed.........
  13. I do have to agree on that - I think that's about the only bit I didn't like though. They look well er just a bit cheap and nasty. That said it may be poss do get it debaged or at least remove these side ones....they do look pants.
  14. Problem with asking a question like this in a marque specific forum is that almost inevitably you are going to be told CC rather than ST. Ask the same question in a Ford Focus ST Forum and I'd wager they would say ST!! For my two cents worth - I would give the Focus ST a serious look. I sat in one (though haven't driven one) the other night in a dealer and it is very very nice. It has an excellent drving position, yes there is a lot of plastic BUT it is that 'grained' effect stuff and looks very classy inside. Oh and the radio head unit fits properly ;) Have Toyota licked this in the CC If it's exclusivity your after as your main concern then to be honest you neeed to take into account that a CC just looks like a CTS, until you get very very close. You will probably just blend in to thhe CTS owning brigade. Now if you want exclusivity try an ST in that bright orange colour - very few people in our neck of the woods have had the guts to go for one in that colour.......
  15. This being.... My Toyota Team Europe.......hardly going to catch any body's eye in the company car park..... I think I'll pass thanks.....
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