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  1. I believe all landcruisers ever made are permanent 4wd systems
  2. Hi im after some advice on head sets for xbox, im literally sick to death of turtle beaches, the last pair i had, didnt connect have the time, cut out for no reason halfway through a game, i need to try different brands, any advice
  3. Hi, is the supra you're buying turbo or non turbo
  4. Hi anyone have an idea where i can get 1 from instead.of Australia, its for a 120 3.0 d4d
  5. Do the interior lights come on?? My 95 supra had this happen, digital clock gone, interior lights gone, happen to be a fuse in the engine bay
  6. Whifbitz are very good, its all they really deal with is supras
  7. All downloaded thsnks, looks good
  8. Cant wait for this to happen
  9. Sorry for the late reply mate, i had the injectors replaced and the problems have started, the engine was quiet and smooth, part from a misfire when cold, now all these problems with new injectors, im having arguments with the mechanics, i feel they have ruined my car, horrid low rev noise and vibration, misfires, blue smoke on fire up, Acceleration surge when kick down hits 3000revs, the engine isnt right, no i have a EGR system, its done 126000, since ive had it ive done all services on time, looking to do my transmission this year
  10. And may the new year bring everyone happiness
  11. Few issues i face with the land cruiser Significant body rattle on low revs, been told its the frequency of the low revs, this has only just started for some unknown reason Rattle: Rattle only happends when driving, idling or rev no rattle Acceleration surge When Accelerating i will get a sudden surge of power, also kick down is sluggish, and feels alittle restricted overall performance Any ideas, maybe transmission??
  12. My 26 year old air con pump decided to crap it self and nearly took the whole car with it, is there a belt that will fit if i take the pump out, air con didn't work anyways
  13. Oh i totally agree, i wasnt moaning at TOC, More at tapatalk, i believe their losing quite a few clubs, mkivsupra.net is no longer available on it
  14. Hopefully pal, i tried to emailing tapatalk explaining the situation, all i got was its TOC fault
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