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  1. Hi, anyone can recommend me an car interior fixer, as need some work on the supra
  2. 2toyos

    Mk4 N/a

    Hi i was approached by a gentleman asking to buy my 1994 mk4 manual jap import n/a supra, he offered me £15000, i declined and wanted £20000, he looked at me in disgust, was i aiming to high?? Vehicle is structurally perfect Teins super street N/A suspension Polybush every bush on the car, EVERY bush has been changed Custom paint join Gtrd rims Hks kevlar belts Braided fuel/clutch/brake lines 800hp stage 2 organic clutch 4 pot brakes Hks pulleys Hks timing pulleys Hks head gasket Hks air filter Custom exhaust system Serviced on the dot every year Was i asking too much?? Im not sure
  3. Hi, i woke up to mass amounts of water in my mk4 supra, especially under the rear seats, found some in the chassis under the rear seats, i found 2 bungs, cant find any more due to the cars heavy underseal, just wondering if there are anymore?? Thanks
  4. Mine had a issues with the wrong voltage displaying, happend to be some connectors being faulty, get a vehicle electrician to look at it, cost me £165 and sorted it out
  5. Hi im looking to upgrade from my landcruiser 120, to a 200series or wait for the new 300series, obviously cant get them in the UK, which is a complete shame, so will need to import from japan, anyone experienced in doing this, what companies to use etc etc, all advice is welcome Thanks
  6. Never use the product, but my landcruiser fuel consumption was terrible, found out the air mass was faulty and a connection/earth was faulty so the ecu wasn't getting the correct information for fuel, i was doing 30/40miles to 15liters of fuel, now im doing 180/200miles to 20/25liters of fuel, this issue wont bring up a engine check light, as the emissions wasnt a issue until 2014, get it checked, also egr can cause an issue
  7. Indicating on roundabouts wasn’t taught as a rule post 2005 so you can tell the age of a driver before you see them if that is the case. Really, didnt know that about the indication, maybe reason why i keep getting cut up is that their old 🤣🤣🤣🤣 not because they shouldn't be driving
  8. Hi, hope everyone is well, this is bit of a rant, every day this, whether if im going to work, or out with the family, i have some small minded imbecile so far up my chuff i can see their eye colour, always seems to be the same brands, (VW Group) anyone else experience this?? I dont understand why they do this, does this brand give some sort of higher authority feeling, i mean they aren't particularly appealing cars, quite boring in fact
  9. I have the exact problem with my land cruiser now, i believe injectors could be the problem, having them tested
  10. In need of drivers side sun visor,, mines had it, beige
  11. I bought JBL quantumone, i am seriously impressed, no cutting out, no bass to cover up the poor quality, crystal clear sound, defo tell when someone is about
  12. I believe all landcruisers ever made are permanent 4wd systems
  13. Hi im after some advice on head sets for xbox, im literally sick to death of turtle beaches, the last pair i had, didnt connect have the time, cut out for no reason halfway through a game, i need to try different brands, any advice
  14. Hi, is the supra you're buying turbo or non turbo
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