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  1. I know here in the UK we don't need it 350 days a year, but the 2 days we have sunshine it's horrendous, it's like Satan is holidaying in the UK, so my air con, I know the compressor is good, everything else is bad, need looking for pipe work, unable to find without going to Toyota, ANY help would be appreciated as me and the kids are suffering 😂 much love stay safe
  2. Just do a quick Google search, it will tell you, p2002 looks to be mostly exhaust system Engine code P2002 usually goes off in response to irregular back pressure in your exhaust system. Although the engine code could result from low-quality diesel or a broken pressure sensor, here are the most common causes: Broken or clogged Diesel Particulate Filter Leak in your exhaust system
  3. Please be careful with them, my friend has had to replace 2 ECUs on them
  4. I don't think they really care, they have built their businesses, position themselves perfectly, even with everything going on the businesses like, British gas, Scottish power, BP SHELL are making massive profit's, why do we relie on Russia for gas when we have the north sea, wind turbines that produces 50% of power, we being raped of everything, my electric bill has gone up to £500, for what, no reason whatsoever, COVID reasons are utter crap, I worked all the way through it, Ukraine war, possible some impact, but not like this, just a excuse to line their pockets
  5. Well my wifes Brazilian, looking to move there, least we could get decent solar energy there 😂 everything here is just getting ridiculous
  6. Anyone else woke up to having the power provider hanging out the back of you I simply cannot afford to live anymore, maybe time to leave England
  7. I believe we need to be like the French on this, and strike, protest, the prices are ridiculous, how can families with low skill low paid jobs ever cope with this unjustified prices, especially when she'll and BP with there 20billion profits, this country is a complete utter disgrace
  8. LPG ruins cars my friend, doesn't matter the make or model, LPG is probably the worst idea you had, burnt piston rings etc etc
  9. Hi, i know this belongs in the Supra section, but ive already tried on Mkvisupra.net, with no luck, no one seems to help on there, pointless owners club Im after some part numbers or actually parts from my mkvi supra, ive ready found the seals for the doors, after now the whether strip/gutter that is on the frame top window Any help is much appreciated Happy 2022
  10. My friend is paying £311 a month for a A3 saloon Sline while his wife pays £350 for a corsa
  11. Understandable that the german rule the waves on UK/EUROPE market share with their fantastic PCP contracts that include parts and servicing, by all means dont mean the vehicles are any good, just you can get a A3 sline for the same price of a Vauxhall Corsa, or a toyota corolla, you don't need to worry about reliability, services, parts, so people are sucked into buying German technology (overrated) but i will say, they can design a good looking car, excluding VW/skoda/seat
  12. Hopefully i can get the a80 sorted out
  13. https://facebook.com/events/s/2022-toyota-parallel-pomeroy-t/2967218310196585/ Anyone going to this, i think i will be, not sure what to take
  14. https://www.northants.police.uk/news/northants/news/news/2021/november-21/two-arrested-in-connection-with-catalytic-converter-theft-after-1.5-mile-dog-track/
  15. Last night around 7pm 2 wonderful members of society set upon our hybrid aruis, which is parked on a very steep drive, unsure what happened to the car but it was half off the drive, luckily neighbour was alerted to the alarm going off(slightly disappointed by the volume) the neighbour got the registration number of the vehicle, i don't think the criminals could of picked a worse night, Northants Police where out in numbers looking for a missing dementia woman, i rang it through, low and behold, they've been caught (info from police There was a police chase down the A45, police car crashed , the two ran from the car hiding in bushes where the police dogs found them and they believe these are ones that they have been after for some time so very hopeful as the jack and other equipment was in the car Thinking about booking the car into to toyota, not sure what internal damage they have caused by car doing down the drive
  16. 2toyos

    Water ingres

    I have a small issue with water getting into the boot, i hosed the car down and located the areas, boot struts and rear lights, any tips on how to fix these
  17. I am, im just putting a shopping list together on europarts now 😂😂😂
  18. It hasn't came back, done few hundred miles and nothing, maybe didn't like something them particularly days
  19. 2toyos

    Touch & go

    Got quoted £160 from toyota, bit steep
  20. 2toyos

    Touch & go

    Hi, i have the touch and go sat nav, and want to update it, but don't really want to spend £160, is there another way Thanks
  21. Hi, i have a 2007 1.6 petrol tr auris, I've no issues at all until i filled up Saturday from BP with the standard e10 fuel, the light came on 2mins after driving away, but went out 20mins after that, but came back today, i was under the impression the 1.6 is fine with the new fuel, im hoping its the fuel causing this light to come on The car characteristics have not changed Anyone else experienced something similar??
  22. And fantastic for the storage of your beloved car, i have 2, 1 is currently on the supra keeping the battery healthy
  23. Kind of signals the end of my poor old supra then and many more classics, its a real shame, but suppose times change, might look into electrifying the old girl, the engine maybe be on a time limit, but the looks are timeless
  24. Good afternoon, hope everyone is well, maybe this subject has been covered, couldn't locate it, but i read somewhere about additives and non e10 compatible engines, unfortunately due to the fuel crisis the service stations around me are not providing e5 super unleaded, is there any experts that can tell me if there is any truth in this, dont really want to ruin my supra Thanks
  25. 2toyos

    New owners

    Not my first toyota, well i actually own 3 toyota's at this moment, but first time ive owned a aruis, i bought a 2007 1.6 tspirit, any information/hints/tips would be much appreciated
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