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  1. I had a similar noise on a Estima Van! Turned out that on old motor work the Mechanic failed to replace a Engine Bushed mount! So tight turns and slow speed it was aweful creaking sound. Fine at speed. Found amount on line and easy fitted - this one! Whew.
  2. Hi From New Zealand 🙂 This is my Van - Just gone 107,000km believe it or not! New cam-belt and water pump with all the belts done. $1100 First drive and i now have a loud rattle/tinkering sound. Like a "Ball bearing in a tin can" - changes with speed on the road. 😞 Mechanic says that its probably the Tappets? Prior to the repair no noise like this at all! Q: did the new belts increase the pressure on parts including the camshaft to force this to occur? Why now then if this is the origin? Since i cant do the mechanical work in the vehicle its just more cost... Thanks in advance on your thoughts.