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  1. I love my Celica, I’ve done a fair bit to it! Needs more TLC at the moment but I’m a novice so might require a more knowledge head! Thanks for the welcome 😁
  2. Hey everyone very new to forums and been through a rough patch recently. Hoping to find some Celica friends that can pass on knowledge and help me keep my car in good condition as it’s my dream car that I finally own (and have done for a couple of years) hope to speak to some of you!
  3. Hey everyone! hope this post is ok but just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully meet some friends that love the Celica VVTI like me and will help me with some new knowledge as (go on laugh) it’s my dream car 😊 it’s got some issues but I’m a newbie so I learn as I go. hope to hear from you any of you and I hope you’re all keeping well!
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