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  1. If anyone is in need of a boot liner, my Proline is available. Less than a year’s use, I don’t have the Rav anymore so it’s just cluttering up the garage. All I ask is enough to cover postage, so about a tenner, or you can collect in person. PM me if you’re interested.
  2. I replaced the indicator part and also enquired about the top half cover as I wondered if I’d break it when removing it to fit the indicator. Both were available for my Toyota dealer, so I see no reason why your part shouldn’t be available.
  3. Yes, a quick tap of the brake cancels the alarm because it cancels the cruise control! A bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I’d much rather have the ability to delete the alarm (which isn’t listed; I too can’t find a definitive list of alerts).
  4. I agree, it does seem a pointless display. Then again, there are quite a few changes I’d make if I could.
  5. I’m not sure that is the area we’re talking about. You’re referring to the display in the instrument cluster and the OP’s question is about the display on the middle screen. (Can’t remember the proper names, clearly!). By coincidence, I was also looking at this screen and wondering the same.
  6. They do, I specifically checked them yesterday.
  7. Ok, a genuine question: why would you choose the ‘traditional’ cruise control instead of the dynamic cruise? The 1mph incremental increases would be one reason as the 5mph increases on the dynamic are irritating, completely agree. But if the increments were the same, are there other reasons?
  8. Err, many people who commute daily. As Peterd23 says, it’s not ‘motorway cruise control’ as you insist on calling it (where did you get that term from, I’ve never heard it before), it’s adaptive cruise control and does exactly that, adapts to the speed of the traffic in front. That makes it hugely useful on a motorway but also on any road, with or without traffic.
  9. That’s what you have to do, no getting round it. Adaptive cruise control isn’t just for motorways, it’s equally, if not more, applicable to single-carriage roads.
  10. Yes, 100% agree. It’s a good mat but it slides a bit unless you have the carpet side up. I also use a net that I’d had with a previous car and the two are a good combination.
  11. Ok, so I’m lucky to have Apple Car Play but does anyone know how to disable Siri? As soon as I move off, I can’t select different music tracks by using the touchscreen, I can only do it through Siri. That would be ok if Siri was reliable but it isn’t and it wouldn’t be my first choice even if it were reliable. Does anyone know how to deselect this? It would seem to be connected to ‘do not disturb while moving’ but I can’t see anything obvious in any of the settings menus on the car or my on my iPhone.
  12. Adamthenav

    2 in 1

    Having just Googled what an Issho is, I think if it had been offered, I’d have probably gone down the road to a different dealer....any dealer!
  13. I notice that the app will now permit remote heating of the car.....but only if you have the PHEV version.
  14. All fixed and quite straightforward to do as long as you take your time in prising the top cover off.
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