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  1. Good points. I was lucky during the wait for delivery as I have an old Golf that runs (relatively) well and the mileage doesn’t matter. Is your Toyota dealer contactable? Can they do a suitably distanced handover? A mate works for London Ambulance and he’s getting a new Hyundai, albeit from a franchise that’s still open.
  2. Probably better that way that collecting 2 days before lockdown. I’m now paying for it to collect dust. At least it reduces the chance of me going over the mileage on my PCP.
  3. We have a very different attitude to the use of the military. The Italians have the Carabinieri who are, effectively a military police force, in the same way of the French Gendarmerie and the Dutch Marechausee, so they’ll much more readily accept seeing troops on the streets for law and order purposes. The advent of a professional police force in 1829 meant that policing didn’t need the army to play its part, though the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004 does have provision for Military Aid to the Civil Power, so it is possible for the military to be used but highly unlikely following the lessons of Operation Banner, the deployment to Northern Ireland in 1969. It’s just not the British way and a government would be in dire straights before this were to happen. Instead, the military will be, and is being used, transport, building and casevac. Yesterday, Puma helicopters deployed to Kinloss in Moray, Chinooks and Wildcats to Leeming in N Yorkshire, along with operating from their usual bases at Odiham (Hants), Benson (Oxon), and Yeovilton (Somerset).
  4. That’s not how Military Aid to the Civil Authorities works. If they’re to be used, It will be in helping the NHS, mainly, by ferrying supplies, essential workers and freeing up staff in roles so that they can be used more efficiently. You won’t see army patrols on the the streets keeping law and order.
  5. Despite what I said earlier, I’d be interested to know how you get on.
  6. I’ve just gone out to check for you! There’s a small light on the driver’s switch only, the rest of the switchery is unlit, which includes the other 3 windows, the window lock, the door lock/unlock and the mirror adjustment. personally, that’s probably going to be ok for me so I’m unlikely to bother trying to replace. Not the best though.
  7. Just picked up my new RAV today and so far so good! But.... Is there a way of dimming the centre console lights, such as the air con panel? I’ve worked out how to dim the dash and the centre screen but the rest are brighter than I’d like. I’ve got an Excel, if it makes a difference.
  8. Pick mine up tomorrow, been waiting since early September. And now I’m largely working from home and shouldn’t visit my folks, I’ve got to make some excuses up to enjoy it! I’m sure I’ll find something suitable.