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  1. Hi thanks for the response , 216 miles on clock , not sure previous owners phone never rang again I’m afraid ,oil looked pretty good and level was fine also .
  2. Hi Guys recently bought a Toyota landcruiser Colorado 3.0 D4d automatic 2002 , since 5 hours after private purchase I have had trouble with transmission, it will select all gears no problem but won’t move in any forward gears (D,L,2) a lot of the time it will just rev on the spot but no movement , it will always work in reverse no problem , when it does select D it’s drives 100% and will continue driving and selecting D for the entire day usually no problem there’s no unusual sounds, crunching or anything like that just simply won’t move I’m hoping it’s a sensor issue somewhere but finding it hard to find anyone in the south of Ireland to have a look . Any help would be greatly appreciated or suggestions. Regards Cathal