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  1. Driver lives within the Birmingham Zone so should have a two year exemption from when it starts. Leeds zone does not cover ordinary cars but Brum does!!! ?? why the difference i wonder? jc
  2. when you log on to Forums go to the How To Guides, there should be some examples there in the Yaris Club Guide , links below may work... i am sure you can put something useful up there. Frostyballs is very helpful , i am sure he will give guidance if you message him. jc https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/tutorials/category/1-how-to-create-a-guide-and-why/ https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/tutorials/category/12-yaris-club-guides/
  3. why not take afew photos while you are sorting the washers out and write a 'How To' guide to help owners who have this problem in the future? jc
  4. Found this in a 2016 Car Mechanics magazine yarismk1article(1).pdf yarismk1article(2).pdf yarismk1article(3).pdf yarismk1article(4).pdf
  5. thank you, look forward to learning from the forum.
  6. Daughter bought a silver collection Yaris as a 'panic' buy when previous motor rapidly faded away. Even though it had a rusty door Mk1s have a good rep and so it has generally proved. TLC and good servicing and its been a reliable car (fingrers Xd), even the air bag recall has been done at last!