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  1. DIY Servicing 2001 RAV4 (1).pdf DIY Servicing 2001 RAV4 (2).pdf DIY Servicing 2001 RAV4 (3).pdf DIY Servicing 2001 RAV4 (4).pdf DIY Servicing 2001 RAV4 (5).pdf
  2. Article from Car Mechanics magazine Dec 2017. ElecDiag Yaris 1.3 2010 (1).pdf ElecDiag Yaris 1.3 2010 (2).pdf ElecDiag Yaris 1.3 2010 (3).pdf ElecDiag Yaris 1.3 2010 (4).pdf ElecDiag Yaris 1.3 2010 (5).pdf
  3. Sensible comment Joe, i will contact them in fairly simple terms and consider their response.
  4. i believe this leaflet has been printed since i bought the battery, this is the relevant part. RAC Batt leaf2.pdf
  5. The leaflet which they have now, but not at the time, (because i had v small print conditions on the back of my 2016 report/invoice which did not mention low voltage), The leaflet says, amongst other exceptions ' Batteries which have been fully discharged - i.e.with an initial voltage below 11.9V'. In any event they wouldn't give you this until after the event ie fitted and paid for when you are still blinded by the '5 Year Warranty' if i had realised this i could have done something because after he was sent away clutching his 10% off offer i put a power pack on the battery and moved the car and let it run for 10 mins giving a voltage across terminals of 12.3V as measured by my neighbour when we took it off .. Even the RAC man said you can go to customer care but they wont do anything. Can you tell i am not pleased? i'll prob post the leaflet tomorrow. I may do a public post on FACEBOOK about this.. take care folks JC
  6. So Marcus why bother asking a? if you cant be bothered to respond to people trying to help you ???
  7. Battery problems worsen. RAC man came out , looked at his laptop and said we havent any record of fitting this, while he was looking at a battery that said RAC all over it, then tested i.t (NB RAC branded batteries have 5year warranty) eventually confirmed it was fitted on July 4th 2016 by RAC so within Warranty period ...end of good news. He said they will not honour the warranty because its below 11.9V,- thats one of their conditions, and gave me a leaflet about it. and that was it he did offer 10% off a Bosch battery .. I paid £110 for this 5yr g'teed.battery in 2016 and now they say NO! So beware the RAC Battery SCAM. think i may start anew topic to make folks aware of this fraud.
  8. I forgot to say its from Car Mechanics magazine January 2020. and relates to a 2004 model.
  9. ElecDiag Avensis2LD (1) .pdf ElecDiag Avensis2LD (2).pdf ElecDiag Avensis2LD(3).pdf ElecDiag Avensis2LD(4).pdf ElecDiag Avensis2LD (5).pdf ElecDiag Avensis2LD (6).pdf
  10. Car Mechanics Magazine January 2020 Converter Theft.pdf
  11. Article from Car Mechanics August 2018 Prius Diag 1[2677].pdf Prius Diag 2[2678].pdf Prius Diag 3[2679].pdf Prius Diag 4[2680].pdf Prius Diag 5[2681].pdf Prius Diag 6[2682].pdf
  12. Ordered one of those clamp meters and with some training ( i knew a son's University education would be of use) we found only minimum drain 20mA ...so its the carp RAC battery. will call them out and see what they say but i wont buy another of theirs.
  13. Thanks Gerg, i'll order one of those meters and i may be back for further advice if thats ok?. i am not an electrickery person , i can weild multi meter leads but where to and interpreting results ,not always so successful. john.
  14. Hi David, how dis you measure the current leakage? i have a car whose battery flats in under a week and it was replaced only a few years ago. I switched the int light off previously, still flattening.