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  1. Last month my alternator died suddenly and after doing quick check I realized that there is black goo all around injectors fuel lines and down to alternator I managed to buy Nozzle Holders but there is no way to buy new pipes. My plan is to clean cover, replace rocker cover gasket and clean the pipes. Is this common problem with injector pipes in D4D? Does anybody now any solution for this leakage ? Is it just diesel leaking or the engine oil too ? What is the correct torque for those injector pipes ? Thank you in advance for a help.
  2. I managed to unscrew drive shaft with smaller ratchet. What a pain. I'm sharing pictures for someone in future. Alternator is fixed. Thank you for help
  3. Yes drive shaft got bracket which is screwed to the engine . Nothing is easy on this car
  4. Thanks mate. I was looking for this before. I took drive shaft out of the hub just trying to take it out of gear box now 12. Now you have to remove the 2 bolts on the drive shaft bearing assembly (in the middle of the drive shaft between the gearbox and the gaiter). You can tap them lightly once loosened to help ease the drive shaft out of the gear box. Those pesky 2 bolts .
  5. It's madness for simple job of changing alternator. I stack on last bolt. Whole drive shaft is screwed to the engine on two bolts but top bolt facing transmission. I have space only for small spanner but bolt is seized . I need to use a breaker bar. I'm ordering crow foot It may reach it. If anyone had the same problem and got any solution let me know.+
  6. I,m doing exactly same thing changing alternator in same car ..Ridiculous Did you got the nut size ?