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  1. Yes my 2019 1.2 Corolla Estate vvt was by far the first new car i have had , electric windows aside , just wait for all the gadgets as mines packed with them just like a Jame Bond Car.!!!! Enjoy yours , Roger PS keep the Manual handy.
  2. Doesnt stop donkeys hitting you though.... Roger
  3. I got my carpet contractor Nephew to fit wall to wall carpet😁 Roger
  4. Just checked with dealer and yes its the icy conditions that triggered a safety cutout. Keep getting surprised each time i find something new. 😀
  5. It switched itself off at 60mph , showed a switched off warning light and said consult manual , it was approaching 3oC outside so can low temps affect it? The ice warning lights were on for whole journey. COROLLA TOURING SP Edit More Verified Connected Model Corolla HB/TS Transmission Manual (MT) Engine 1.2 Petrol Turbo (116hp) New car on Jan 6th , under 3000 miles.
  6. Fully Wireless with this dongle , works in my Corolla 2019 https://cplay2air.com/products/cplaystreamer-wireless-adapter-for-factory-carplay-android-auto-module-and-mirror-link-feature?ml_subscriber=1563717823975396622&ml_subscriber_hash=n0l0 about 12 days delivery. Roger
  7. It works on my Corolla 1.2 vvt Touring Sport 2019 ,after being Carplay upgraded in November , seemlessly,just reduced the price after i purchased , although from Hong Kong can pay with Paypal for peace of mind,and relatively quick. Tracking info ------------- Date/Time Location Activity 12/02/2020 21:14:09 Delivered(Delivered by Worthing DO) 12/02/2020 13:00:23 Local courier warehouse, received and ready for processing 12/01/2020 09:4
  8. Try this its brill, https://cplay2air.com/ Roger
  9. Only took 12 days from Hong Kong, works like a treat......😃
  10. Try this , just got mine and works perfectly with Carplay, no more plugging/unplugging. https://cplay2air.com/ Roger
  11. Carplay all done and really pukka although plugging in phone is a chore , have orderd this , hope it works. Roger
  12. Just dropped the Corolla down to dealer for Carplay upgrade , £120.They need it for most of the day apparently.
  13. Mine was booked for 3rd November but got a message saying they havent had the upgrade sent to them and are not sure when its going to come so resheduled for 19th November. Roger
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