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  1. Bearing in mind mine is a hybrid, is that one still suitable please?
  2. As my Auris is the oldest car I've had for more than ten years, I'm thinking of getting a code reader/reset just be on the safe side. What do you knowledgable people recommend please? Ideally under £100. Cheers, Trev.
  3. Fitted the fly lead today and the charger works a treat, and puts in about 900milliamps. The battery itself is only 20Ah. @BigRedSwitch Ian, I fitted the lead as you suggested with the Neg wire to a body ground, but may I ask why you shouldn't fit it to Neg terminal of the battery? Not doubting you, just for information only. Many thanks for your input.
  4. I have an Oxford Oximiser battery charger from my days as a motorcyclist. This comes with a flylead and plug which is permanently attached to the 12V battery terminals. Do you think there will be any problems using this to top the battery up as necessary as I did with my bike? With the bike, there was no necessity to disconnect the battery to charge/top up, just plug it in. Being new to the Auris, I'm unsure whether this is permissable to plug in a charger to a the battery fully connected to the car. I know it was OK to do it to my previous four cars (all Skodas), but this is a Toyota, so a whole new ballgame for me. Many thanks. Cheers, Trev. PS, only asking this due to the car not being used due to lockdown
  5. Trouble is he thinks he's a bat.
  6. Fortunately, I'm not too far away from Chester zoo, so getting hold of a sloth won't be much of a problem 🙂 @eygo Just tried it, worked a treat, top man!
  7. Many, many thanks Mark. Cheers, Trev.
  8. I have four of them, one either side above the rear passenger doors, and one either side in a similar position in the boot space. TIA. Cheers, Trev
  9. Thanks to all who have replied here, much appreciated. Here is a photo of the interior light unit, please could you tell me where to prise off the clear covers to access the bulbs? I've checked the manual, both hard copy, and the more detailed online manual, and I've found no mention of how to change the bulb(s). Cheers, Trev.
  10. Do you have a link please?
  11. Thanks very much, very helpful.👍
  12. I like to have my phone below the top edge of the dash, so can you recommend a holder, maybe one that fits on the air vent? There are lots on ebay, but I've yet to find one which is applicable to a 2017 Auris Hybrid. TIA. Cheers, Trev.