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  1. Thank you Gents, much appreciated.👍
  2. I rarely use the key fob for locking/unlocking the car, but using the sensors in the door handle. The other day when locking up, I inadvertently touched the sensor twice, and I heard an audible click/clunk. Could you tell me what that was please? Also, I had a "click and collect" at Screwfix recently, but I had the dog with me. I locked the car as usual but shortly afterwards the alarm went off. I assume the internal sensors detected the dog. Is it possible to disable the internal sensors should I have to do that again please? TIA.
  3. Whilst driving by a particular left hand junction, every time I go by, I get two "beeps". Coming back, it is obviously a right hand junction, but I don't get the "beeps". Nothing shows up on the either display, so I'm at a loss to what this could be. It's in a 30mph limit and I've tried driving past at 10 mph, and it still does it. Your thoughts please?
  4. I must admit I had the same issue the other early morning. Then it hit me. If the green light is on, so are your dipped beams, if the blue light is on, your main beams are on, they're the indications you (and I)😉 should go by. Alternatively, if you have Auto headlights, switch that on and the lights take care of themselves.
  5. Awesome, thanks Tony. Saved that for future reference. Cheers, Trev.
  6. How do you do that please?
  7. Having bought my hybrid from the local main dealer with it's first MOT, I was just wondering how they did the immissions test. How do they keep the engine running to complete the test? Just curious.
  8. Many thanks Tony, I've had mine on eco since I got it in March, so I'll give it a whirl in normal.👍
  9. Hi Tony, please would you expand your reasons on this?
  10. Thanks Guys, not what I wanted to hear, but it is what it is. Cheers, Trev.
  11. My two previous Skodas had cornering fog lights, where when travelling a slow speed (5mph/8kmh), the lefthand fog came on when turning left, and the righthand one came on when turning right. Does the Auris have this facilty, and if so, can it be switched on? Thanks.
  12. Please call someone tell me where it is? Is it easy to check/clean/change? UK 2017 Excel Hybrid Touring Sport. Thanks.
  13. I'd be interested to know where the actual horn is situated under the bonnet.
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