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  1. Thank you flash22! Ur the best! 🙂
  2. Thanks flash22! But what about the top dash board?
  3. Hi everyone, Does anyone have instructions for removing the dash panel on a 2012 Toyota Yaris USA model? I looked all over youtube and online and couldn't find anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. USA xp130. And thanks for the pdf! I will read through it. xD EDIT: I looked everywhere for that PDF
  5. I think mine is mk2? Mine is a Yaris LE, 5-door
  6. Yes, 12 ga. It's a Sony DSX-GS900 with a built-in amplifier. It's a 15A fuse. UPDATE: The power cable has a built-in inline fuse connector.
  7. Hi everyone, I drive a 2012 Toyota Yaris , and driver side is on the left side. I am trying to install a new stereo unit and this unit required extra power to the battery using a 12 GA power cable and ground cable grounded to a metal bolt. I am not sure where the firewall grommet is to run the cable through. Is it on the driver side behind the battery? Thanks!
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