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  1. Hi all. Am new here. I have a 2014 Hybrid Yaris. A week ago I'm pretty sure I left the headlights on for 2 whole days. Of course, my car was completely dead when i returned to it, no light, no central locking, nothing. I had a friend come with jumper cables. Nothing. The next day a mechanic came with jumper cables with a fully charged booster thingy. Nothing. Mechanic was baffled (disclaimer: was not a hybrid mechanic...). So, i removed the 12V battery and charged it in my kitchen. When first plugged to charger it read 7.6V. It took 50 hours to get it to 14V. Although due to darkness i didnt install batt until next day, and it had then gone down to 12.7V. I install the battery (on 12.7v) back in. Wahoo - there's lights in the dash, the central locking is working. Will the car start? No. Ready light will not come on. Tried everything, locking and unlocking car, fully pushing break peddle, every bit of advice in the manual....nothing works. Now the really annoying thing is it was booked to be truck-lifted to Toyota this morning to be seen, and due to Corona virus, our entire country was shut down last night (UK) and Toyota is now closed. Normal garages are operating, but not Toyota (for some strange reason). Normal garages don't seem to really know hybrids, so am reluctant to pay to get it lifted there. Any advice GREATLY appreciated. I have no breakdown cover. Car is very near my house but too far for an extension lead. Battery is definitely in nice and tight. Beware: i don't know the first thing about cars let alone hybrids so any language will need to be very much for dummies!!!! I've done all of the above with MASSES of help via telephone!! Mileage: 29,000