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  1. How many miles has your Estima covered? How long have you owned it??
  2. Thanks for your reply RUToyota. I'm all for regular servicing which is something I've always stood by. I currently cover around 8k miles a year so when I do get a Estima, I'll have a yearly service with an oil and filter change say every 6 months. Is there a brand of oil that's recommended should be used on these engines at all?? Thanks again 👍😁
  3. Hi all... Hope you are all well and keeping safe? Further to my research with buying and owning an Estima, I've found that some 2.4 VVTi engines used across the Toyota model range have reported problems with excessive engine oil usage. Is this a thing with the Estima at all? Have you or anyone you know suffered with this? Its mentioned it could possibly be from poor maintenance in its life from lack of oil changes or cheap oil used. What are your thoughts and opinions chaps? Thanks as always 👍 Russell.
  4. Hi Peeps 👍 Out of interest, do you send your Estima to your local garage for servicing? Or do any of you attempt an oil and filter change yourselves? Do you have a brand of oil you stick to?? Cheers all, Russell 😀
  5. Hi guys.... Hope you are all well? Just a thought..... Do you think UK Toyota dealers could source Estima parts? Cheers all.. Russell.
  6. From some photos I've seen of various Estima for sale, not all have the 60/40 split.
  7. Thanks for your help as always chaps! 👍
  8. I only ask as I've seen some photos of some 3rd row seats as a 60/40 split and some as a bench seat. I just wanted to make sure that the 3rd row as a bench style seat could be moved or flatted to increase the boot space! 👍
  9. Hi all.....Happy Easter!🐣 I hope you are all safe and well? Just a quicky regarding the 3rd row of seats! Do my eyes deceive me or do some Estima have a bench 3rd row of seats without the 60/40 split? If so, can these fold away or flat to make the boot bigger? Or would they have to be removed from the car? Thanks as always for your help, Russell.
  10. So TP, my fellow Essex boy.... Where abouts in Essex are you??
  11. What a berk I am!! 😄 Yes mate... I shall get there!! 👍
  12. Not yet matey.... But we are in a lockdown after all!! 😉 I can't just yet as I've only had my Nissan for nearly 4 months, so I've got to wait a while otherwise my missus will go crackers!! 😂 From what I understand with the Elgrand, the rear cats need to be decored to prevent any issues. I'm 99% certain I'll go for the Estima, especially as the ones for sale from the place you mentioned in Essex look great, are well priced and it's nice and local 👍 I didn't realise you live in Essex too!! I live in Shoeburyness, where abouts are you??
  13. Hi TP. Research is going good cheers and has thrown up something I already knew..... Toyotas are reliable!! 😂 I must admit that I could also be tempted by an Elgrand but I think an Estima would be ultra reliable which is something I definitely want!! In my looking on YouTube for Estimas, I came across a cool channel which is a group of young chaps (probably in their late teens or early twenties) in America, who have Previas as their dailys and other cool retro cars like Toyota Cressidas etc. They are a bit battered and rusty but they look really cool if you know what I mean and they do different mods to them. Stay safe guys!! 👍
  14. Hi Frosty. Yes I knew that, only because we had the Previa over here. Was just wondering if parts were compatible and if they were exactly the same?? 👍
  15. Hi all 👍 I hope you are all well and not too bored of being at home?? Just a thought.... When looking for parts for an Estima, would parts for a 2.4 Previa be exactly the same?? Thanks peeps as always, Russell 😁