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  1. Yes. All good now. Went to a local garage/mechanic and they gave me a couple of replacement screws for free. Thanks for all the help! :)
  2. So, I unscrewed the screw on the other side and it's !Removed! into the plastic. Ie. no nut. 🙂 This is the bolt. Why they don't have a rustproof screw there is a bit weird imho. Measurments (ca.) Length: 20 mm Dia: 5 mm Head dia: 15 mm
  3. @Gerg Good thought, but I'm pretty sure it's the same as the one thats there (I can check on the other side tomorrow), and that's a metal hex screw with a "lip" (not sure what it is called in english). @Robert81 Yes, it should be something like that. I'll try to have a look tomorrow, unless someone is coming with any other info. 🙂
  4. Yes, I'm just afraid that if the screw is not self tightening and there is a nut on the inside that falls down, then I got two loose mud flaps. Because I don't think you can access that nut without removing further stuff.
  5. Ok, thanks! That seems the most plausable to me too. Appreciate the fast answers. 🙂 I'll give this thread a little while and see if someone know the exact type of screw and/or have more information before I unscrew the other one and go to a shop.
  6. Thanks. Are you sure theres no nut on the other side/inside that will fall down if I screw out the other screw?
  7. Hi 👋, I'm new here, and not especially knowlegdable about cars. I recently purchased a used 2014 Toyota Avensis station wagon (2.0 D-4D 124 HK) – my first car. Anyhow, today when I got out of the car I noticed the "mud flap" (?) was poking out from the side, and looking closer one of the bolts was missing. How do I fix this? It seems like a too simple task that I need to bring it in for service. Is it as simple as to put in a new bolt? If yes, what sort of bolt do I need (and do I need a nut, or does it hold in place by itself?) I appreciate any input/advice!
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