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  1. Hi Robster I will have to give it a try The alternator was fairly new but that’s not to say corrosion hasn’t taken place Another snag is that the replacement fuses I had ordered are stuck at work I May have to try to get another batch delivered cheers Steve
  2. HI TP49 The car was stored in a garage No signs of any rodent infestation I have a window open just in case I couldn’t unlock it Everything was fine when I was trying to jump start. The fuse popping only started once I had connected the new battery However I will have a check for anything out of place or chewed Cheers Steve
  3. Hi all My Surf has been stood for a few years. Ran it a few times just to make sure it started but must admit it’s been about a year since I last tried. Anyway I had to move her so I fitted a new battery as the old one didn’t have enough umph But when I have fitted the new battery the Pink 30amp fuse keeps blowing. I have tried disconnecting the big lead from the starter motor but still no joy Any ideas of what the fault could be or what to try next? Any answers appreciated Cheers Steve
  4. Is the water clear? Have you checked the windscreen seals?
  5. Hi all My name is Steve and I am the owner of a 2nd Gen Surf SSRX 3.0 I have owned the car for about eighteen years but she has been languishing in a garage for the last two I need help to put her back on the road so I hope you guys can help In turn if there are any questions I can answer I will only be too glad to offer any assistance cheers Steve