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  1. Thanks everyone for taking the time out to write back. It’s sounding like it will get better MPG overall and a little worse when driving on the motorway than my current car, but with an overall tax reduction for a company car. Also, it’s much cleaner. That sounds like a no brainier then I guess! I did test drive the 1.8 and thought it was lovely to drive and really comfortable which is perfect for me being on the road so much. I didn’t feel like it was underpowered or anything, but I’ll be stuck with it for 4 years and I’m worried about making the wrong decision if my overall MPG is worse based on my travel requirement for work. Lots of stuff I’m reading suggests that hybrids are better for city driving and diesel is still the best decision for motorway driving which makes up most of my daily journeys. This is why I wondered if maybe the bigger engine would be better on the motorway. Thanks for the suggestion of the site OXYGEN, I’ll check that out for more info. TonyHSD - your suggestions of common differences would be really useful if you wouldn’t mind. I’ll see what I can find in the meantime. Thanks again all! Adam
  2. Hello everyone, I hope you’re keeping safe in the circumstances! I’m due a new company car and the corolla estate is looking very tempting. I have a 4 year old daughter and another baby due in May, so the space in the estate looks to suit us. We also go camping a lot, again the space will support this. For work, I use motorways a lot and then travel between sites that are quite close together and then back down the motorway. I probably do around 80 miles per day, and maybe 50/60 of these will be on the motorway (The sites I travel to change.) I wondered which engine would deliver the better mpg for motorway driving, the 1.8l is showing the better numbers but would a 2.0l sit better at the speeds of motorways? Does anyone happen to have any examples of mpg on these sorts of journeys? As you’ll probably tell, it would be my first hybrid, changing from a 2.0l diesel Volvo V60, so I’m trying to get my head around some of it. The Tax payments are attractive for BIK and it would be good to have a more clean car as I’m an essential car user for work. Thanks in advance! Adam