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  1. Another detail at least in Denmark is this: Shell Vpower 100 and a few other premium high octane gasolines are E5, whereas almost all other gasoline is E10. So the premium stuff is a bit worse for the CO2 balance but on the other hand some report that mpg is significantly lower when running on E10 compared to E5...
  2. Thanks, Frostyballs and Timmon, problem if not exactly solved then at least illuminated!
  3. Well, yes, exceeded 15.000 km., but it has been to service when that happened, MyT seems to know that.
  4. Hi all, I suddenly get this lame message every time I start the car. That has never happened before, and I have not changed any settings as far as I know. Any idea which service, and gone where? It still seems to be connected to the internet through the phone...
  5. Hi Adam, My driving pattern (Corolla 2.0) seems very similar to yours. In winter, on winter tires (16 inches), I get around 47-50 British mpg, if I push it a bit. That means ok quick accelerations and around 70-81 mph (the Danish speed limits) on the highway. However, since Xmas I have been conduction a little experiment, trying to push the mpg as high as possible. That means keeping at around 53 mph together with the trucks at very constant speeds. That sucks a bit (a lot actually), but for the last 2000 miles my average mpg has been 59 mpg. It's impossible for me to get above that, at least given the circumstances (winter tires, constant rain and wind, 4-8 degr. C). All mpg are measured, not read from the info screen.