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  1. Thanks both for your advice. With COVID restrictions it may be while before I can get out for a test run! Anyway, I have checked the batteries and they are reading 2.99 and 3.02 and do not have any maker's logo so that seems to line up with your info. In future I will change them myself to be sure they are actually being changed! I will buy some Duracell or Energizer as soon as I can. Thanks again
  2. Thanks flash22. The dealer fitted the new batteries but I will check them and also try the procedure you suggest. Do you know what minimum voltage the batteries should be? Also, if the car battery (not the main battery) is low, would that affect the key operation?
  3. 2014 Yaris Excel. I have a problem with the key. When I start up. I get a yellow key symbol flashing. If I wait a couple of minutes it disappears. Also sometimes, when I switch off, the yellow light flashes and the alarm beeps. I have to start up again and switch off again. It was suggested that it could be a battery problem so I have new batteries in both fobs. My local dealer says they don't know what it is as they have not come across it before. I am concerned that I might get stranded if next time I stop it won't start. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks