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  1. I'm based in Ireland and the car was also purchased from a main dealership in Ireland.
  2. Toyota have withdrawn the warranty on the car's engine so in order to restore my full warranty it will require a full engine rebuild/ new car.
  3. Yes, I have had to pay the repair costs. Hope if we can identify who is at fault I will be reimbursed. I am fully willing to persue whomever I need to through the courts.
  4. Hi @FROSTYBALLS what I should have added to the above was when I fuelled up the car for the first time the check engine light appeared on the dashboard as I was driving away from the pump. I immediately pulled up and called the dealership. They advised over the phone to swith the car on and off. On turning the engine back on the check engine light was not appearing.
  5. I purchased a new model Toyota Corollo 1.8 hybrid sport in January 2020. After 2 weeks of the car being on the road, a hybrid malfunction warning light appeared on the dashboard and the car went into lockdown. I was forced to have the car towed to the dealership. Inspections were completed by both the dealer and independent assessor and the following transpired: - Fuel in the car was contaminated and after independent lab testing it was noted both water and a sediment that the lab could not identify were found. - The contamination had resulted in the filter being heavily corroded ( remember car was 2 weeks old) spark plugs damaged and residue remaining in the engine that may or may not burn off. - Toyota claim as the issue was due to fuel it is not a warranty issue. - Fuel contamination is not covered under my insurance policy and in order to rectify the situation completely a full engine rebuild was recommended. - As the car was just two weeks old it had only been fueled up twice by me with both fuel ups being at the same fuel station and I hold receipts for both. I contacted the fuel station and they have now formally replied stating all their fuel during the period meets international standards with the accompanying fuel report attached to their letter. My solicitor is now involved in the case but the difficulty I'm having is proving who is liable. Has anyone in these forums heard of such an issue in the past?