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  1. Update on the headlights, purchased a set of osram night breaker bulbs and fitted them today. Got the exact look I wanted with them. Delighted with the end result and much better than retro fitting xneon bulbs 😁
  2. The car was originally a company car which I then purchased when the company wound up. If I had of bought the car new I would of specd the car differently. I wasn't keen on the interior of the Luna sport. Thanks for the replies all guys.
  3. The Luna model doesn't have LED headlights, well mine doesn't anyway, do you have any idea if LED headlights are easy come by?
  4. Hi Guys. Has anyone purchased HID kit for 2019 corolla? Have been looking online and finding it hard to find any kits. Also looking for a rear bumper spilter if anyone can point me in the right direction. Cheers guys.
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