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  1. I'm concerned that it's such a small battery, and leaving it for 12 weeks of my quarantine may allow it to go flat. I'd like to put it on charge on my driveway so it's fully charged when I need it.
  2. Found it! Thanks for the responses. I want to connect a CTEK Multi XS 3600 charger to it, in view of the first reply, will this work okay?
  3. Can anyone tell me where the 12v battery is located on a 2016 Auris Excel Hybrid. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. I have a Toyota Auris Excel Hybrid 2016. I want to fit a CTEK indicator eyelet to enable a quick connection to my CTEK 12v charger. My only problem is that I can't find the 12v battery. Can anyone tell me where it's located?