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  1. Really hope someone can help, not helpful that this has happened in the current climate. I have a 2015 Yaris and haven’t been using it as much lately. I went to start it on weds and it wouldn’t turn over and start. No lights to indicate what it is on the dash. I then turned the ignition key and the display screen almost looked like it had reset screen. It had some kind of timer so I waited until it had finished and thankfully it started with a bit of a struggle. All radio channels/settings wiped. I’ve been starting it each day but it’s happened again this morning. Logically I’m thinking it’s the battery but it’s spluttering a bit and sounds like it’s not ticking over as it should; after a few minutes its better. I’m keeping it going for a bit but can’t drive it about and I don’t know if that would solve it anyway. Not being a mechanic I have no clue and I know most are now shut 😞 Any advice from Toyota savvy drivers/mechanics appreciated. Thanks.