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  1. Led lights for UK Corolla Verso were standard equipment from what date/version ?
  2. I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla Verso 1.8 VVT-i , Petrol, 5-speed MMT. 70,000 miles. I bought it at auction 12 months ago and immediately had to get its automatic clutch and flywheel replaced/refurbished at a cost of £800 sterling. It is my first automatic car and I regret not buying a manual car. I use it for 3,000 - 4,000 miles a year only as I holiday abroad for 4 months each winter. I drive it in E mode most of the time and only use Manual mode for climbing and descending long inclines/declines as I feel I have to "help" the car maintain the correct/appropriated gear in these circumstances. I recommend you use the E / automatic mode mainly as I do and only use the M / manual mode on long hills as I do. I transfer from E to M whilst on the move, this locks in the gear you were in at E, and thereafter I move/nudge it "+" to select a higher gear or "-" to select a lower gear as appropriate for the hill involved. Further nudges "+/-" may be needed subsequently to refine the ideal gear for the hill. As soon as the gradient levels out I transfer back from M to E (on the move again) to get the full benefit of the automatic gear box feature of the car. My car has a dashboard display of the particular gear I am in, prefixed by a E (for automatic) or M (for Manual) so the driver is always aware of the gear being used by the E automatic mode or gear selected by the driver in M manual mode. I use the foot-brake more with the MMT transmission than I imagine I would with a pure manual car, but only slightly I think to encourage smooth deceleration to a red traffic light. On re-reading your question I think you may benefit from a one hour driving lesson from an appropriate driving instructor ( or other MMT Toyota Driver) in converting from being a "Manual car driver" to being an "Automatic car driver". By doing this you will gain the full benefit from the MMT auto box whilst also protecting the car from potential damage to the MMT auto box. Perhaps you will decide the MMT box is not for you and therefore sell it for a replacement conventional manual gearboxed car !!! Remember in USA 90% of cars are automatics whereas in Europe manual gearboxes dominate. So you have to imagine being an American driver with no clutch pedal v/s a European driver with a manual gearbox operated by a clutch pedal. I don't personally see the point in using the MMT box as a manual gearshift box, but only using the M (manual) feature in the rare circumstances I have described above. I use N neutral with handbrake engaged or brake pedal depressed whilst at traffic lights or whilst in a static traffic jam to help safeguard the MMT gearbox rather than sitting for minutes in E1 (automatic 1st gear). Best wishes.