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  1. The loads got checked by the dpf specialist. And all the sensors. The back pressure was checked... I even got that checked by toyota they agreed no issue with that
  2. No oil level checked and no issue there.
  3. Following halfords... about a week later i went to a independent dpf specialist who has done a full dpf clean.. full checks... cleaned the egr valve fully... the dpf is clean! Yet after having a regen approx 100 miles later it went straight onto engine man light again... Once again fully checked.. regen took 55 attempts. Then a week or so later same. Turbo checked etc as well... no probs there. Now car will not regen at all... the engine management light came on straight away whilst doing a motorway drive... no dpf light before. Fault codes are p2463 and p1608.
  4. So update... Toyota was basically useless... tried saying it was parts all tested and checked. Also because my software on ecu was the latest version they cant do anything Car is refusing to regen I'm stuck.. I've got this car it's in limp mode and nobody knows how to fix All sensors are fine All readings are correct and well within limits Turbo is fine. Egr has been checked all fine. When driving in limp mode car drives ok just no turbo... no excessive smoke, no increased fuel usage etc. The last couple of times had a regen done, the car was working totally fine for approx 100 miles then engine man light comes back on even when driving along (dpf light doesnt even come on). Still getting code p2463 but toyota did also get p1608. Any thoughts guys.. this issue is really bugging me now. And nobody is any the wiser
  5. Not the sensors.. all the above checked No back pressure issues Dpf is clean but still got the p2463 code, so will have to regen to clear Does anyone know about a possible software update? Or software issues as that is what is being suggested
  6. Ok thanks, I have got the car booked back in with the dpf specialist tomorrow, I will mention what you have said and I will update then Thanks for your help
  7. No.. I have since taken the car to a dpf specialist. He has done a regen - 1 week later same issue He then cleaned egr valve and done another regen. Another week later same issue. The engine management light is coming on whilst driving on the motorway.. it gets to the limit of requiring a regen and instead of doing a regen it puts the engine management light on. Back pressure test was within limits Any ideas?
  8. Hi guys n gals. I need some help and advice. I have got a 2013 diesel yaris with 49k on the clock I bought it 4 months ago, the guy before had it from new and kept it serviced but hardly ever used the car. I have done approx 8k miles since buying which includes some lengthy runs About 2 weeks ago my dpf light came on a day later it went out, at that point I didnt know what it was. Then my engine management light came on and has remained on since. I have got a obd car reader and got code p2463 which relates to the dpf. And is the only code I tried to do a long run (120 miles) I kept the revs at approx 3.5k hoping a regen would occur - I don't think it happened. I have tried clearing the code the engine management light goes out. The dpf light comes straight on then 1 second later the engine management light on. I have taken the car to a halfords autocentre and got a dpf flush (£85) and full service done (£200). Picked up the car.. engine man light still on. Tried clearing code - same issue... halfords says I have to take car on long run... I done this no change... I appear to have gained a lot of the lost power but there is definitely still something not working properly. It almost feels like no turbo. I have tried disconnecting the battery (negative port only) and reconnected after 30 mins. Before the service it was only the engine management light on... since then when I start up the car the dpf light stays on for 5 seconds before going out and leaving just engine management light on. I really don't know what else I can do or try... I've been told I cant have a forced regen because of the engine man light. I have next to zero mechanical expertise, and my friends have limited... so any estimates on repair costs and garages worth using in the bristol based areas would also be appreciated, I hope I have posted in the right area and given all info you require... thanks in advance