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  1. Hi. Are you still available for a AWD 3sgte swap on A corolla E11?
  2. I’m looking for the Corolla E111 G6 or Sedan AE111 rear sub assy carriers to instal rear disc brakes. Can you help me find them? Part numbers are 42305-12140 and 42304-12140. Thanks
  3. I own a 1998 Corolla E111 Hatchback with rear drum brakes. Checking diagrams you can notice that the rear assy carrier comes in two versions. This means that apparently the version for the brake disks is different. It probably has the caliper bracket support? Nobody has been able to answer my question. By diagrams I could buy the rear dust plate and use calipers with hand brake system included as option shown in the diagrams. No need to change the hub that screws in. No need to use the smaller brake pads for the handbrake. If anyone can answer my doubts I will spend a reasonable €400 in parts
  4. Hi. I checked diagrams for a Corolla E110/111 to understand how to build rear disc brakes with and without hand brake pads. There are two sizes of brake pads. The big ones (37 mm) for the drum brakes and the smaller ones (22x172 diameter) to work only as hand brake https://alvadi.ee/en/spare-parts/to...olla-wagon-e11-2-0-d-4d-85kw-diesel-1997-2001 with a brake caliper set like https://alvadi.ee/en/kataloog/varuo...olla-wagon-e11-2-0-d-4d-85kw-diesel-1997-2001 The dust plate 4780412060 Genuine Toyota COVER SUB-ASSY, DISC BRAKE DUST, REAR LH 47804-12060 TOYOTA 47803-1
  5. 16 years after. I was gathering information to convert the Corolla 1998 hatchback (WRC style) with a Celica GT4 AWD ST185. I heard that the ST205 won’t work for the job. I found the ST205 engine and the transmission IN THE US for a reasonable price but I didn’t find the rest of the essential parts needed for the chassis and rear wheel geometry. I spoke to people who owns a WRC replica but I didn’t speak to a single who did it himself. My mechanic asked me simple questions about how much work would be involved as he doesn’t know how different the two chassis are. Plus OEM parts are very expensi
  6. Hi guys I need information in 2020 about swapping a GT four engine and transmission with front and rear axles etc. I need to know if the Sasi is the same between the two cars and if the swap isn’t too difficult. Example WRC1998 Reilly Corolla. I found an engine and transmission in the US. I am in Italy. I need to find front and rear subframe, hobs, arm stabilizers and full brakes. Any suggestion of where to find the parts? Thanks
  7. A friend of mine was thinking to start a Corolla E11 WRC replica project and he want to find the missing parts to get chassis right and wheels on get the swap done and work on the body kit. He would keep the internal semi-original for the moment. First questions are. What parts of the transmission and chassis has to be brought/swapped from the Celica ST205L GT Four and what can be left Corolla original. concerning the GY Four transmission, What about the Celica and Corolla have track and wheelbase differences? Are there any? What’s the procedure WRC uses to swap it correctly? An
  8. Hi. Where can I find this front lower bumper?
  9. I’m looking for information for a 3sgte Corolla E11 swap. Can anyone who’s done it before help?

  10. Thank you. I agree. I read all I could on these forums in the laat 6 months. I chose a shop that works with Subaru cars. They never worked on a Corolla though. I was hoping to get some advice about how to adapt the 4efte to the Corolla. I am sure that there are details I must know to avoid slowing down the process which means spending more money. If anyone shows up with a list I will be grateful.
  11. Thank you. Usually the full 4efte comes with ECU, manifold, turbo IC and wiring. I’m looking for a l“TO DO” list with extra parts from someone who has done it before. I want to be sure I will buy everything I need before surgery.
  12. Hello guys. I am looking for someone who has the knowledge and engine conversion experience between a 4EFE to a 4EFTE on a E11 Corolla. I would like to know the essential steps and modifications to be done in order to do the right job. The shop that will order the engine from Japan has no experience with Corolla SWAP. The project is to make it a silent version with a front intercooler. I would like to know which manifold and intercooler type and size I should choose. Which custom exhaust I should buy or should it be better to customize it. I know a shop who would do that for me for about €850.
  13. Hello. I would love to have information as I will SWAP a 4efte into my E11 Corolla soon. I read your post. I just need more details to help my mechanic find the right parts and reduce errors.
  14. Is anyone still here? I was researching in order to swap the 4efte in a Corolla e11 Hatchback. Anyone can advice in 2020? Thanks!
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