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  1. the corrosion re-appears when the vehicle isn't used for a few days and the braking action sounds like there is sand on the discs until a have braked a few times.
  2. I suppose what I am questioning is that a car built in 2020 will be a 2021 model year whereas one built in 2021 will be a 2022 model year. So without knowing the vehicle and its evolution I cant quantify what improvements I may be missing in a newer model.
  3. Hi Bob, I have quoted the VIN direct to Toyota and they confirm a build date of 17th October 2020. I don't really want to give away the VIN or location on here just in case the dealer (main dealer) is lurking around!
  4. It was registered on the 21st December 2021
  5. I dont think so, it was a CHR Dynamic, a model which does not seem to exist any longer
  6. yes lots of corrosion on front discs and it takes four or five braking actions for the discs to clean up
  7. Hi All, I purchased a new CHR from a dealer in December 2021. For a number of reasons my suspicions were raised about the vehicle and on contacting Toyota directly it was confirmed to me that the vehicle was actually built in October 2020. Am I being super picky about this or have I been misled by the dealer? What are you thoughts?
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