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  1. The built in Maps are pretty good with the latest files - Map 2020v1 is available. What country are you in? I find searching for postal codes or any short search is annoying as the initial search keeps jumping to results and doesn't wait until your finished typing - not sure if there is a way to change this?. Also if you want to search an address you have first goto the Search icon, then the '...' and then Address entry, its fairly long winded. Regards AC and AA - there is no word yet from Toyota, my dealer promised it in November, then March. From many other EU forums I read Its likely there will be an update from July for the Corolla and Rav4 but that's not 100% clear as many owners are getting different information from dealers in different EU countries. Also Camry's ship with various DCU/MCUs - in some countries its the same as the Rav4s, others have unique models. 17TDT1EU-CA01 (Denso/Fujitsu 7"), 17TDT2EU-DA01 (Panasonic 8" EU), 17TDT2EU-DA00 (Panasonic no DAB) and 17TDT2EU-DB00 All with or without the Navi MCU 17TMT2EU-FA00.
  2. There is way too much Toyota defending going on here from the mods - we all own Toyotas, we are entitled to point their faults, shortcomings and make complaints. This isn't the Soviet Union where no criticism of the state is allowed. The poor infotainment systems are the worst part of any new Toyota vehicle in comparison to competitors. It's been a major failing along time and for many the addition of AC/AA is the ultimate fix.
  3. The FWs were released in US and Australian markets last year, so no reason why Toyota have delayed so much - at least the Apple CarPlay one should have been available long ago. Heres a video from youtube of a Ukrainian aftermarket CarPlay update on the 2019 Rav 4 - software only, cost is about US$300. Seems they took existing FWs and merged with US Toyota CarPlay software. In the video example its loaded on a 2019 Rav4 with no Navigation - Denso Ten 17TDT1EU-CA01.