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  1. Yes, good point! Hmm, I'll have to keep my eye on it.
  2. Yeah, they just re-gassed it. He said he doesn't think it'll leak because there was still some old refrigerant in it. Hopefully it'll keep on working!
  3. My air con seems to be on point now. Had a horrible musty smell coming from the vents yesterday but that's gone now.
  4. Yeah, I think it's fine. He did however get me to feel the front suspension/shock springs as he was concerned that they're quite rusty. So might have to get those replaced or repaired.
  5. You're right Bernard, he was protecting his reputation rather than actually caring about the amateur job he did. Fortunately in these days of online reviews for companies, it makes it a bit easier as it arms customers like me with some ammunition if we're not satisfied. I wouldn't say he owned up to anything, he kept defending the work he'd done. However, I went back to the garage and there were lots of cars there so he didn't bother to clean off the paint and just refunded me the £150. He reckons the job he did will protect the pipes for years. As a matter of courtesy, I bought him a bottle of wine for being good enough to give me the money back.
  6. By the way, thank you for your replies chaps. Special mention to Perfection who pointed out what the mechanic had done, or rather not done, as I had just accepted it was meant to look that way, although I did kind of think it should look a bit smoother. Here's some photos of underneath. It's not too rusty really is it?
  7. I got a result guys. He's going to give my money back! I took my car to another mechanic down the road (who is currently re-gassing my aircon, he told me to come back at 11am) and told him how upset and angry I am about the undercoat job. He put it up on the ramp and we took a look underneath. First of all, two of those pipes are RUBBER! I squeezed them myself. They're just covered in mud and obviously not rust! Yet he unnecessarily painted the rubber and didn't even rub off the mud first. The two metal pipes that lead into the rubber pipes are not that bad and don't really need replacing. However, the mechanic doing my aircon said the metal pipes can be easily replaced without replacing the tank, they're £130 from toyota and with labour would cost me £265. Not £600 to £700 job with new tank as I was previously told. While the guy is doing my aircon, I took the opportunity to walk to the offending garage mechanic which is only a 5 minute walk. I didn't go in guns blazing but I didn't mince my words and gave him the information I'd just learned. Told him he'd ripped me off for £150 for a job that was not only done wrong but was unnecessary. Told him he should have at least cleaned the surfaces instead of painting over mud clumped rubber. He reckoned he wire brushed the metal pipes and he tried to demonstrate to me how his spray can of black paint goes all clumpy, saying that's the way it's supposed to look. I told him that he could have just replaced the two metal pipes, or inspected it and told me nothing really needs doing. I told him he didn't sandblast it as he said he would. He kept making excuses for everything I said, it was his word against mine. The mechanic doing my aircon even told me that you shouldn't sandblast those pipes anyway. So I'm taking the car back at 3pm. He never got stroppy with me, he just kept trying to justify his terrible work. He said he'll clean off all the paint he put on and refund me the money. I probably helped get my money back because I said to him I don't want to have put a bad google review with before and after photos of how he painted over rust and mud. Also, while it was up on the ramp, we had a good look at the rest of the underside and it's ok, not particularly rusty like I was told.
  8. That's what he told me. That he'd sandblasted it first. I'm with you though, I expected it to be smooth. Maybe I got done. 😕
  9. A few weeks ago I noticed the fuel pipes looking corroded. I took it to a garage who said if I were to replace the pipes then the tank has to be replaced too as it comes as a package and it would be expensive, like £600 to £700 for the job. But he said he can sandblast the pipes and paint protective stuff on which will stop any further corrosion for years. So he did that today. He put 3 coats of protector on. It was £150 cash for the job. This was before, and this is after, Hopefully it'll last. Then he said he thinks the previous owner might have lived near the sea because apparently the whole underside is covered in rust. But he said it's not worth worrying about as it's not that bad and should be fine for a couple of years. I asked if he could put it on the ramp so I could take photos, but it was the end of the day and he had no free ramps. I asked him how much it would cost for him to fix it and he said it can't be done because all the parts would need to be taken off. It can be done though can't it? I saw a video of an underside of a car having rust sanded away with a power tool and then protector sprayed on. I don't know if it's worth doing anyway, but I'd love to see the underneath. I might get a second opinion from another mechanic I'm seeing tomorrow who's going to re-gas my a/c.
  10. So it looks like it needs to be on 100% of the time all year round and not just for 10 minutes every 2 weeks.
  11. Thanks for the info guys. How long should coolant in a car air con system normally last before needing re-gassing, or might it never need replacing if it's run all year round?
  12. Thanks Stivino and Tony. Well according to that article, I can set the heater to warm in winter while running the air con for 10 minutes, so I'll do that.
  13. Mooly, no because I only just bought the car last month. When you say leave it on all year round, surely not when it's winter and I want hot air? By the way, does a/c consume much fuel?
  14. Little video demonstrating aircon. 20200522_154645.mp4
  15. Thanks guys. I just took it to a mechanic and first thing he said was it needs re-gassing which will be £70 to do. He said he puts a dye into the coolant to see if there's a leak. He was reasonably confident re-gassing should sort it.