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  1. That's possible as I discovered that the previous owner had after market reverse sensors fitted into the rear bumper, so maybe he had the dash lights enabled too.
  2. I agree Tony, I do prefer it on all the time. Yep, it makes perfect sense, Mooly. Actually, I used to have the dash illumination at one less than maximum which is enough of a noticeable difference. Then a while after I put it back to maximum as I like the brighter light. But I've just gone to my car and taken it back down a notch as that will help me remember if my lights need to switch on or as you said, if they're on when they don't need to be.
  3. I've been flashed a couple of times because my headlights weren't on. The thing is, in my previous car there were no dashboard lights until I turned the lights on. With the Auris, the dash lights are always on and I'm not prompted to turn the headlights on. Anyone else? Probably just me, lol.
  4. Merlin5

    Sill rust

    Thanks for the advice guys. Well it looks like I'll need to replace the sill from what you're saying and from what my repair guy said. furtula, would the rust actually come back if the sill is replaced?
  5. Merlin5

    Sill rust

    Hi Tony. Yes, when I bought the car, it came with rust in the same area but they had done a repair job which although it didn't look good, you couldn't put your finger through the paint, it was solid. With this repair that my guy did, the paint has bubbled and I can put my finger through it. If you're saying the sill doesn't need replacing, what would you recommend I ask my bodywork repair man to do to fix it? Is there some stuff he can put on before the paint?
  6. Merlin5

    Sill rust

    Hi guys and happy new year to you all. In the summer I had some bodywork done on the Auris. The guy did a good job respraying various parts of the car including some rust on the sill at the rear of the passenger side. He did say at the time that rust might come back. Well it has. I called him and he said bring it in so he can look at it. He said if the rust has come back then the only way to stop it coming back is to replace the sill. Is that the only way and how much roughly would a new sill cost?
  7. Hi furtula. I've got an infrared thermometer just collecting dust. So that's a very good suggestion, I shall try that tomorrow! Hi Mooly. Well I had a quick look and feel under the car earlier today where the exhaust is and didn't notice anything like a bag caught.
  8. Hah yeah, I'd never go to a dealership! I do some DIY but cars are not something I ever work on, apart from changing a battery or bulbs.
  9. How much should I expect to pay for a full brake service like that? I've got a mobile mechanic that's been servicing my cars for years but I'm not sure he's up to the extensive work you've outlined.
  10. Thanks Tony. Never been serviced since I bought the car in April which just came with a fresh MOT till next April. Shall I just get it fully serviced and ask to have the brakes looked at? Is it more likely to be a worn pad?
  11. Hi guys. I noticed a burning smell today after a 20 minute drive and the smell seems to be coming from the offside rear wheel. Could it be to do with brakes, perhaps sticking and creating heat? Brakes are working fine and are quiet with no scraping sounds or anything like that. The only thing I've noticed is if I hit the brakes harder there's a slight bump sound or feeling.
  12. Thanks guys. Ths afternoon I rubbed the spot gently with a wet microfibre and then a dry one. All gone! 😀
  13. Thanks Daz. Actually, you reminded me I have a very old can of Turtle wax car upholstery foam with a brush on the top which I've just found at the back of a cupboard. I'll try your wet microfibre cloth suggestion first and see how that goes.
  14. Hi guys. I've got what I believe is a dried chocolate stain on my seat. It's only very small but I don't want to rub it into the fabric even more. Got any tips for an effective way to remove it completely?
  15. Thanks very much guys. I'm disappointed and happy at the same time. Disappointed at the poor consumption but happy this is normal and not a fault! 😁 Yeah Tony, I always fill up at my local Tesco, it's the cheapest around as well. Rosgoe, thanks, Europarts is doing 500ml for £4.99 compared to Halfords £8.49. Tony, Wilko is £4 for 250ml, so Europarts wins and I can click and collect from my local store next day.
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