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  1. Interesting thread and useful reminders that even Toyotas can go wrong. I've taken my chances so far with my 7 year old / 50K miles Auris and had no problems apart from wear and tear items, which the warranty wouldn't cover. However, this thread makes me wonder - £125 per annum for peace of mind is really not a lot, and some of those potential bills are eye-watering. My thinking is that a £1000 bill to keep the car on the road for another year would be cheap compared to buying a new car - anything beyond that and I'd regret not having a warranty! The extended warranty ends at 12 years old
  2. The Auris hybrid can also be a bit noisy under hard acceleration, such as when joining a motorway. Once it's up to speed, it's fine. It doesn't bother me but a lot of people hate it. Part of that is that they're used to the sound of a manual transmission, where the revs rise and fall as you change up through the gears. In a CVT, the revs rise and stay high until they've pulled you up to the speed you want to get to; they'll then drop off unless you keep your foot down. In my experience, it'll cruise perfectly fine at motorway speeds with no more noise than with a manual transmission.
  3. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind - not terribly impressed with my insurance's (Admiral) first-line just now but maybe they'll be OK. I only messaged them because I wanted to check they wouldn't be like Tesco. I expected some non-committal answer about the premium possibly being affected, not to be asked if it was some kind of lock I was talking about.
  4. Not sure but given the prevalence of thefts of catalytic converters from Priuses and Auris hybrids, I would be very surprised if premiums for hybrid Aurises weren't more expensive. It may also depend on your location. It seems to be less of a problem here in Scotland than in England, and more especially in London. Or at least there are fewer reports, which may simply be down to it being a smaller country in terms of population.
  5. I'm online to my insurer right now asking about how a catloc would affect my policy. Guy on the other end seems a bit unsure of what I'm talking about. I assumed this wouldn't be a problem given that insurers seem to be jacking up premiums for Toyota hybrids. Edit: Apparently they're referring it to their underwriters. Great...
  6. Glad it’s not just me who struggles with that 😀 Very happy with the hybrid. I bought my one used because of the trim level rather than the engine but love the smoothness of the transmission.
  7. Hmm, I’ve just logged in on the My Toyota site and they’re still offering the standalone check as an option there (for £45). It would be a bit off if they didn’t - would be locking owners into Toyota servicing if they want to keep the hybrid warranty going.
  8. Halfords, unlike Kwikfit, do actually offer hybrid servicing: https://www.halfords.com/car-servicing/hybrid-car-service/ I’m sticking with Toyota dealer servicing, not least to maintain the hybrid battery warranty. Toyota 5+ servicing works out about the same or cheaper than Halfords + the standalone Toyota hybrid health check.
  9. Being a cheapskate, that’s basically what I’ve been doing rather than investing in a charger and it’s got me through lockdown so far 🙂.
  10. Nice to see an old car soldiering on and being looked after. This gives me hope that my 7yr old / 48K miles Auris has a few years left in it if looked after. I suspect rust from the Scottish winter is what will get it in the end, although it’s had less opportunity this year. Impressed that the battery has lasted so long - been wondering if I should pre-emptively replace mine, which is the smaller AGM battery used in the hybrid. Seems to be working fine even during lockdown.
  11. In my experience the mpg is worse in winter. I average 51 mpg over the year and 46 mpg at this time of year doesn’t sound like you’re doing something obviously wrong. The official mpg figures bear little relation to real-world driving. I can reliably get over 60 mpg in the summer on certain roads - for some reason it seems to do best on country roads between 40-60 mph.
  12. The Auris manual (the 2014 version at least) says it’s something only the dealer can change so there’s no owner-accessible setting, unfortunately.
  13. I’d forgotten how annoying the reversing alarm is in that mode. 😡
  14. Then the first beeping must be the reversing alarm. As I said, a dealer can reduce it to one beep when you engage reverse but you can't turn it off completely. Why Toyota chose such an annoying default setting is beyond me.
  15. Your car might have a reverse camera *and* parking sensors - my Auris Excel does. Is there a parking sensor button to the right of the steering wheel?
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