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  1. P for parking R for reverse N for neutral D for drive mode (it changes gears automatically and drives in most economical mode) 2 it means it will shift up to 2nd gear only. If u engage it and start driving, vehicle will start moving at gear 1 ,after getting pace and at higher rpm,it will shift to 2nd gear and further accelerating will only increase rpms, but it won’t change gear. L will keep on driving on 1st gear . u need to apply L when u are to ride extreme slope and vehicle is packed with load. 2 is often used when u are towing some heavy weight which had to be moved slowly or u are going uphill hill while towing or downhill while towing. While uphill , it will give u continuous power , while downhill towing ,it won’t upshift gear to control vehicle speed from unnecessarily increasing it. Never use D when towing something uphill or downhill. It will save u lot of things, brakes transmission , gear oil, brake seal life etc etc and much more.
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